No more blindly guessing at how to build your following and juicing business… No more going it ALONE.

Get ready to Catapult Your Struggling “Side Hustle” or Small Business into

Your Own Thriving Passion Business

Tap directly into Steve’s expert advice inside the business-building Mentorship Program that leads you to greater income and impact… and create YOUR legacy.

Before You Scale the Business-Building Mountain Alone


We've helped hundreds of Certified Juice Therapists like you develop a framework to experience more impact and success with proven methods and marketing.

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Babette Davis

Certified Juice Therapist, Wellness Influencer & Co-Owner of Stuff I Eat Restaurant

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Ally Sanchez

Certified Juice Therapist, Owner of Wellness Warrior

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Areti Kafantari

Certified Juice Therapist, Owner of Face Yoga

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Sheila Hall

Certified Juice Therapist, Owner of Eistrong Herbal Tea and Juice Bar

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Brian & Leann Rigney

Certified Juice Therapist, Owners of Juice Parents

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Stephanie Leach

Certified Juice Therapist, Author of “The Complete Juicing Recipe Book”

Right now, the amount of noise and distraction in the wellness industry is greater than ever before.

True… You’re a Certified Juice Therapist. So you already have the credibility to stand out.

You’ve also got the done-for-you programs and blueprints in the JG Mastery Program to get traction and start the climb to success.

But how do you put it all together? Without making costly mistakes? Or wasting months or years going down the wrong road?

Let’s face it.

There are a million marketing and business-building programs scattered throughout the internet… BUT

Who do you trust?

What are the most important skills you need to propel your juicing business?

Where do you start?

And how do you master them all before your business goes under?

Before You Scale the Business-Building Mountain Alone


The Juice Guru Accelerator is a small group coaching and mastermind Mentorship Program designed around 3 core pillars:


Clarify your why. Draw your ideal tribe to you. And serve others on a deeper level… In other words, do what you love, heal the world, and the money will follow.


Tap into Steve’s 20+ years of business-building know-how and proven systems to grow your business efficiently.


Find your place as a leader in the Juice Revolution. Become the “go to” leader and business in your community or online.

The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others


There’s no shortage of self-styled business-building “experts” around. With tips and tricks to help you move your business along. And that’s wonderful. But that’s not us…

Accelerate Mastermind fills what we call the “impact gap.”

We help you grow your thriving business based on your unique passion … that will not only enrich you and your mission, but allow you to have more impact on those you serve. And on the world at large

Are you ready to Accelerate?

Tap into the small group experience with newly Certified Juice Therapists who are ready to catapult their struggling “side hustle” or small business into their own thriving passion business.

Work directly with Steve and Julie (and other truly passionate “juicing-preneurs on fire”) to create a thriving business with greater impact … and have a whole lot of fun in the process.

Learn the proven marketing and business-building methods Steve has used for the past 20+ years to build several 6 and 7-figure wellness businesses.

Before You Scale the Business-Building Mountain Alone


Here’s the Blueprint for Success

Accelerate Magic 101

Join us on the first and third Tuesday of each month, where Steve will lead you through brain-storming sessions, marketing labs and implementation workshops.

This is where you will dig deep and mine for gold. You’ll delve into your passionate “why”. Why do you want to build a business in the service of others? And figure out exactly who you want to help, and who is your ideal client. The more specific you can be, the more successful your business will become. And the more impact you will have.

This is also where Steve will pass to you the customer-building, business and marketing know-how he has accumulated through his launch of a number of successful wellness businesses spanning over a decade.

Accelerate Impact Sessions

On the second Tuesday of each month, you’ll actively work with the Accelerator tools and skills Steve gives you to overcome the major “barrier” you believe stands between you and a thriving business. Accelerators will apply to be on the “hot seat” during each month’s IMPACT session. (And everyone who wants to will have an opportunity to put your business front and center.)

Participating in other Accelerator hot seats will also help you work through similar issues and grow in your own business.

Accelerate Playground

On the final week of each month we’ll all gather in the Accelerator Playground. This is your opportunity for Q&A. To share success stories and obstacles. And to collaborate with your fellow Accelerators.

Weekly Calls with Steve & Julie

You'll be on an accelerated path, with weekly calls with Steve & Julie for trainings and implementation workshops with hands-on support from our team!

With our direct help, you will:

There are so many Extra Goodies Inside the

Earn your Dual-Certification as a Holistic Health Practitioner and Stand Out with an in-demand Specialty as Certified Juice Therapist

Juice Guru Institute’s Certification Program is the world’s most successful school of juice therapy, with over 1500+ certified practitioners in over a dozen countries. Rise to the top and stand out in the obscenely overcrowded trillion dollar wellness field. Get the credibility and proven marketing systems you need to have massive impact, change lives and make more money.

You’ll join our supportive community and earn your dual certification in juice therapy and holistic health. You’ll learn directly from over a dozen leading medical doctors, wellness leaders, and juicing experts. And learn the marketing and business know-how to thrive as a juicing leader and entrepreneur.

Full and Lifetime Access to our Proven Done-For-You Juice Guru Mastery Program

The Juice Guru Mastery was created to accelerate the launch and growth of your juicing business with proven Done-for-you programs, blueprints, and marketing tools. Mastery will cut out months to years of guesswork and aggravation, and help you get down to the business of growing your business and deepening your impact.

Whether your goal is to be the “go to” educator, wellness coach or online wellness influencer… or your vision is to build your own juice bar, juice truck, juice delivery or sold-out retreats, we’ve got you covered. Be “in the know” on the proven blueprints to launch your juicing business. And have the most compelling programs proven to get the best results for your clients.

Done-for-you website templates to suit your unique juicing business ready to customize and launch.

Choose from 9 different jaw-dropping options, all customizable to YOU and YOUR BRAND.

Best of all… you won’t need a graphic designer to adapt them to your own business!

Choose from a variety of specially designed templates created for a juicing coach educator or to promote your juice delivery/ juice truck/ farmer’s market stand; juice pop-up or juice bar.

We include templates to launch your juicing course, high ticket program, supplement (more details coming soon), juicing webinar and more!

Note: These templates are THE BEST juicing business website templates available anywhere. You’ll stand out by having a website that professionally promotes your brand and the incredible work you are doing.

Your second Certification as a Holistic Health Practitioner is included free

The Juice Guru Certification Program is fully accredited through both the Complementary Medical Association and the American Association of Drugless Practitioners.

That means you are automatically ELIGIBLE to be Certified as a Holistic Health Practitioner through the AADP when you earn a Juice Guru Certification as a CJT.

This bonus allows you to receive your second Certification free as a member of the elite Accelerator Program.




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And Transform The Lives Of Your Clients

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