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Health Coach with Juicing.

Catapult Your Careers as a Certified Juice Therapist in as little as 5 Weeks

The Juice Guru Certification Program is the world's first and most comprehensive online Juice Therapist training system.

Get the knowledge and business tools you need to achieve extraordinary success as a Certified Juice Therapist. 

Catapult your career while helping others transform their life, from anywhere in the world.

Does This Sound Like You?

  • You're passionate about health and serving others.
  • You're in the health field and want a competitive edge.
  • You want time and financial freedom.
  • You want the knowledge and credentials to profoundly change people's lives and create a thriving business.
  • And... oh yeah, you love juicing!

Use your knowledge of juicing and personal transformation to change lives and be your own boss.

The wellness field is booming. Hundreds of thousands of wellness entrepreneurs flood the marketplace, and more are joining every day.

The U.S. Department of Labor predicts the number of Health Coaches in the US will grow by an incredible 21% by 2022. Half of all employers are projected to have some type of Corporate Wellness program in place for employees in the near future.

The 5 week step-by-step system to gain the skills, strategies, and certification you need to create a lucrative wellness business.

There’s ample room for everyone. But you need a way to stand out from the competition. You need to rise above the noise.

Juicing is the most popular health craze of this decade, and it’s only getting bigger. Juicing is the most effective means to flood your body with nutrition to get lean and healthy. The opportunity for entrepreneurial success in juicing is unparalleled.

Our graduates have created successful coaching businesses, juice bars, juicing retreats, online health programs and more. It's your time.

We’ll give you the strategies, mindset & credentials to stand out in a profitable and soul-satisfying business in as little as 5 weeks.

Author, Speaker, & Founder of The Juice Guru Rewind

Meet The Juice Guru

The Juice Guru Certification Program was founded by bestselling juicing author, Steve Prussack.

Struggling with his own health, Steve turned his life around through juicing over 25 years ago. This ignited a passion to connect and surround himself with the leading names in juicing and natural health.

Steve has gathered these same leaders together to teach you everything you need to know about the science, history and protocols of juicing, and how to start, market and grow your business.

S T E V E   P R U S S A C K

The Juice Guru Certification Program is the first online accredited training that gives you the knowledge and skills to become a certified Juice Therapist.

(And the business chops to back it up.)

Traditional health coaching focuses on changing everything. Someone’s entire diet. Her entire lifestyle. But science shows: Try and change too much at once and you fail.

Juicing is the MOST effective way to flood your body with nutrients, get lean, healthy and vibrant, and stay that way, even as you age. 

Our goal is to create the most effective – and sought after – therapists, coaches and certified professionals by focusing on juicing.

Revolutionizing Healthy

Juice Guru professors are the leaders in the health and wellness field. 

You’ll learn directly from bestselling authors, doctors and nutritionists using juicing in their wellness practices for decades, and other experts who integrate juicing into their medical programs. 

We also include trainings on how to market your message through traditional and new media outlets.

Our Proven Formula

5 Weeks To Certification

We've thoughtfully designed our curriculum for busy people like you. Get certified and start building your career at your own pace, and in as few as 5 weeks.  

You'll learn the latest science on juicing and habit formation, how to use it most effectively to help your clients and customers get lean and healthy.

And it’s completely digital, so you can learn anywhere in the world … from your home or favorite juice bar.

Learning From The Masters

Here's what our alumni have to say:

"This program gave us the knowledge, tools, credibility, confidence and authority to create a business we had only dreamt about."

- Kathleen & Nico, Certified Juice Therapists

"The Certification Program gave me the skills to become a successful juice therapist and improved my business in countless ways!"

- Chef Babette, Certified Juice Therapist

"This program helped me find my career direction. As a Certified Juice Therapist, I bring juicing to children all over the United States."

- Rob Polon, Certified Juice Therapist

"The Juice Guru Certification Program gave me the knowledge, support and community to effectively and safely help others in their journey back to health."

- Victoria Stein, Certified Juice Therapist

Opportunities You Have As A

Certified Juice Therapist

Wellness Consulting

Our graduates are creating successful coaching businesses, juice bars, juicing retreats, online health programs and more. 

What can you create?

Partnerships with Juice Bars, Yoga Studios and Fitness Clubs

Lead Your Own Retreats

The opportunities are abundant. And they are worldwide. 

Passive Income From Information Products

Group Coaching

Speaking Engagements

Open Your Own Juice Bar

Private Client Practice

Grassroots Community Juicing Business

Dr. Steven Bailey

Learn from the Masters in Health, Nutrition & Business

Dr. Jameth Sheridan

Inspiring a Worldwide Movement

Tina Leigh

Detox & Cleansing

Become an Expert Presenter

Dr. Thomas Lodi

Leading as an Expert Juicing Coach

Cherie Calbom

Wisdom on Healing with Juices & Smoothies

The Power of Daily Juicing

Steve & Julie Prussack

Spreading Your Message on Radio and TV

The Business of Juicing

Dr. Gabriel Cousens

Dana Wilde

Bo Rinaldi

Jay Kordich

Jillian Howard

Steve Meyerowitz

The History, Science & Protocols of Juicing

Medical Implications of Juicing

Cliff Dumas

Build a Juicy Lifelong Career

Juicing Through the Ages

Julie Simon

Wheatgrass and Sprouting

Help Clients Overcome Emotional Eating

Steve Trister

Mindset Success Training

Creating a Juicing Business


History, Science and Protocols of Juicing

  • The scientific background and relevance of juicing, juice cleansing and fasting so you can lead programs with confidence and authority
  • How to use juice therapy protocols to address your client’s goals so you’ll have clients that stick with you for life
  • How to lead small group and large group community and online cleanse/ fast programs so you can generate income to sustain your business

Gain the knowledge, skills and certification you need to create a lucrative wellness business.

  • Learn how to use habit-formation strategies to "train" your clients to develop the daily juicing habits
  • Discover the latest science on what daily juicing could do to improve you and your clients productivity, focus, brain power, energy level and maintenance of ideal body weight
  • Find out how to work with your clients on the daily juicing regiment to keep them on track throughout the years


Developing Your Presentation & Communication Skills

Healing With Juices, Tonics, Herbs, Superfoods, Soups and Smoothies


  • Healing using juice blends, tonics, herbs and superfoods so you can create programs with incredible results
  • How to develop cleansing programs using smoothies and live soups so you can help new clients experience positive results with minimal side effects
  • How to use juice fast programs to elicit healing on all levels (physical, emotional and spiritual) so you can become a leader in your community (and online)

The Core Program

The Power of Daily Juicing & Holistic Lifestyle Principles



Secrets To Being A Successful Juice Guru Coach

  • How to get yourself out there, eliminate fear, get yourself in front of an audience of any size, from one to thousands of people. 
  • Deep insights on how to brand yourself and build a worldwide community
  • How to present on radio and TV and stand out above the crowd
  • Integrate various teachings from medical doctors who have been leading successful juice fast programs for decades so you can rise above the controversy and misinformation (and set the record straight)
  • Empower yourself with strategies to start growing your business right away so you can generate income before you even get certified 
  • Discover the many ways to charge your clients for various services so you can start growing your business

($1,997 Value)

Learn at your own pace, from any device whenever you want.

  • Intuitive Private Member's Area
  • Get Customer Support In Just One Click
  • Go at Your Own Pace
  • Download your content and consume it offline
  • Works flawlessly on your mobile device

Private Members Only

Facebook Group

  • Connect with Other Therapists in Training
  • Learn from Certified Therapists
  • Get your questions answered
  • Get referrals and new clients
  • Stay motivated and supported from the group

Partner with Tribest for the best wellness tools & products.

  • Partner pricing on juicers and other tools
  • Earn significant income from your sales
  • Recommend products for your clients and customers
  • Sell equipment online or at events

The Juice Guru Certification Program is accredited by the CMA (Complementary Medical Association) and the Juice Guru Academy is recognized nationally as a college of Natural Juice Therapy.

Curated Training to Supplement Your Journey and Supercharge Your Success

  • The ABCs of Juicing (Juicing 101) 4 modular training
  • Learn from the "father of juicing" how to deliver your juicing message
  • Discover how to teach others to set up their lives for health success
  • Lifetime access to every lecture, DVD and audiobook the Juiceman has ever created.

Deep Dive With the Masters


Business Template Bundle

  • How to create and lead unique cleansing programs
  • How to attract and work with clients throughout the year
  • How to run retreats and create a lucrative business
  • How to stand out from the rest in your business

Steve Prussack's
Best Selling Books

  • "Business in a Box" marketing suite
  • Presentation deck for your own presentations
  • Business management tools
  • Customizable business brochures and business cards

The Jay Kordich 

School of Juicing

($1,200 Value)

($297 Value)

($997 Value)

  • How to develop daily juice protocols and fasting programs
  • Step-by-Step recipe guide to creating juices and healthy whole foods
  • Juicing ingredient list:  The best vegetables and fruits and what ailments they address
  • The science of motivation and habit formation to help your clients make healthy habits for life

($49 Value)

  • Lifetime Access to the Core Program and Bonuses - Complete the course at your own pace and use the program as a reference guide as long as you like.

  • Access to the Certification Exam - Pass the exam to receive your Certified Juice Therapist Credentials

  • Private Member's Area - Access our private community to connect and network with other practitioners all over the world.

  • Become a Tribest Vendor - Partner with Juice Guru to sell a variety of healthy living juicers, blenders, dehydrators, sprouters and more.

  • Certificate and Website Badge - Get a Printed Juice Guru Certified Practitioner Poster 

  • Your Own Copies of Steve's 2 Bestselling Books on Juicing

Exactly What You Are Getting

Core Program Tuition




(x 3 Payments)


"Thanks to the Juice Therapy Program, I am now running my own successful fasting/ healing retreat center."

- Musette Rosenstand, Certified Juice Therapist

"Much appreciation for this program to set the bar in regards to credibility and establishing a great foundation for excellence in health and lifestyle education."

- Elizabeth Carey, Certified Juice Therapist

"The Certification Program is a complete learning experience; providing not only the most updated information on the science and theory on juicing but also the tools to hit the ground running for a successful business."

- Brenda Gelinas, Certified Juice Therapist

"The depth of health-related training in this program is staggering. I now have the tools to lead people to optimal health."

- George Avedisian, Certified Juice Therapist

"This Juice Therapy Program is fantastic and comprehensive, featuring amazing trainings from the leaders in juicing, fasting, health and business marketing ."

- Kathleen Bachman, Certified Juice Therapist

Unlike typical home training programs that
only provide basic information, this program
goes beyond our promise to deliver. We will
answer all your questions to ensure your 
success and provide complete support.

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Our educators are the leading minds in the
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Busy-People Friendly

Juice Guru Academy is a worldwide recognized online college that offers courses in juice therapy and other related natural health programs. You'll be joining a worldwide network of health-minded conscious practitioners.

Need help with your order?  Trying to get the
audios to play on your iPod?  Looking for tips
on how to get the most out of the training?
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