Find a Certified Juice Guru Coach


Jim Marconi

Cleveland, Ohio Region

Jim is a singer/songwriter, vegan health/juicing coach and co-founder of Plantastic Nutrition, a grassroots organization aimed at educating the public about the whole food plant based lifestyle through lectures and music.  Jim has been a vegan for 38 years, juicing for over 30 years and wheatgrass juicing for the past 15 years.

Contact Jim:  (440) 899-6717

Iqbal Ishani

Canada Region

Iqbal Ishani was born in Kenya, of Indian parents, was raised across Europe, is a certified Qi Gong teacher and has a 20-year long career in film and sound production. Ishani is fluent in six languages, is a passionate singer songwriter, filmmaker, a certified juice fasting guide and became a Canadian citizen in 2011.

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Kathy Bachmann

New Hampshire, MI Region

Kathy received her Health Coach training from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition in 2011 and recently became a Juice Guru practitioner.  She has degrees in Psychology and Communications from State University of New York and studied Journalism at the University of Maryland.  Kathy teaches juicing  and juice fasting workshops.

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Rosita Waldon

Barbados Region

Rosita is a Certified Holistic Health Coach. Her focus is working with anyone who wants to change the health of their bodies. Rosita teaches Certified Chef classes on how you can cook to heal your body

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Karen Raspen

NorthEast Pennsylvania Region

Karen is  a certified Juice Guru Coach and  owner of “Bloomin’ Juice”,  a juice fast and coaching service.  Karen provides individual and group classes on cooking, plant based nutrition education and juice fasting.

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Rob Polon

Central New Jersey Region

Rob works with children to teach them how juicing can improve their performance in school and athletics. He is available to run group workshops and speaking engagements in schools throughout New Jersey.

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Babette Davis

Southern California Region

Vegan soul food pioneer Babette Davis is the owner of Stuff I Eat Vegan Restaurant, a California restaurant that is vegan, organic and eco-friendly. Davis sees her path as a “spiritual philosophy that we as humans have a connection with the food we eat; therefore only the best deserves to enter our temples.

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Catherine Jo Beaman

South Texas Region

Catherine is both a certified living foods chef and a Juice Guru practitioner.  Born into a family of culinary matriarchs, she’s also passionate about the art of Hospitality.  Her nutrient rich services include personal cooking classes, detox support, juice feasting, and easy, positive coaching.

Contact Catherine: (503) 916-8625

Sharon Johnson

Atlanta, Georgia Region

Sharon is a Certified Health Coach and Raw Foods Educator. She specializes in helping her clients achieve their goals through conscious eating using raw living foods and juicing. Sharon is available to share her knowledge through public speaking, online media, personal coaching sessions, and raw food workshops.

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