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Get Lean And Feel Young

Age does not define you.

Juice Guru Academy is the only vibrant living membership system and community that meets you exactly where you are on the health journey so you can propel yourself forward, without falling victim to fads or B.S.

No more overwhelm. No more going at it alone.

Real. Lasting. Results.

And we'll show you a better way.

How Juice Guru  Academy









Connect daily with a community of people just like you ... those NOT defined by age ... in our private Facebook community. Plus, every month, connect in live face-to-face virtual meetings with Steve and the JG community. Bring your questions. We'll give you the answers.

Every month you'll get a virtual front-row seat to a NEW masterclass training on upping your vitality and shedding the pounds. YOU bring the questions you need to know. We'll provide the gurus who will give you the answers.

As a member, you gain unlimited access to our most successful trainings on how to live lean and vibrant. Our experts will take you there step by step. You'll be empowered to stay that way.

• You're ready to reach your ideal weight. And stay there.

• You're excited to feel alive and look younger. 

• You're so over fads and feeling overwhelmed and confused.

• You’re ready for a fun step-by-step plan that works ... and won't change your entire lifestyle.

• You want support and the help of a community. 


Juice Guru Academy was created to help you overcome the myths about getting older. 

You CAN stay lean. You CAN live vibrantly. You CAN live pain-free. And you can do this naturally and ... yes ... EASILY. 

We'll cut through the B.S. and give you the tools, community and continuing motivation you need.

How to know this is for you:

When you join Juice Guru Academy, you’ll immediately get access to our most successful and popular trainings with world-class experts in natural health that we've been offering for years... that are tested and true... and have changed thousands of lives already.  All incredible trainings, no filler or fluff.

The World’s Best Teachers In One Place

Connect with Steve Every Day in Juice Guru Academy Private Group

No matter how amazing the content is, learning on your own lacks the depth and immersion that comes from embarking upon a journey of growth together. We include Juice Guru Academy group as a private community so you can connect with Steve plus other members of the group.

Juice Guru Academy's private group allows you to interact, connect, share your stories and learn from your host, Steve Prussack, on a regular basis. The group let's you provide your own input on masterclass trainings you'd like to see in the program too.

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