Grow Your Juicing Business With New, Targeted Clients in Just 30 Days — WITHOUT Cold Outreach or Crafting Content from Scratch!

Here's what's inside The Club

Join the Club for premier marketing tailored to juicing professionals - all done for you:

Access a comprehensive marketing strategy, ongoing support, and monthly client-attracting, customizable marketing templates — no extensive marketing, writing, or design experience needed!

Want to spend more time on your juicing business and less time wasted on never-ending marketing & social media?

You've Found Your Solution.

The Juice Guru Marketing Club is tailored for juicing professionals who need to draw in & KEEP more clientele and customers…
But lack the time or inclination to invest countless hours on social media or creating fresh marketing content!
The Juice Guru Marketing Club is ideal for:
Recognize These Common Challenges?

We’ve been there.

Creating compelling content is necessary. But a challenge. (Especially, while you’re also trying to keep your business running, making money and having an impact.)

But, your struggle with content and social media does NOT mean you’re not an incredible juicepreneur who can have massive impact!

You can’t duplicate yourself. That’s true. (Even though it would solve everything.)

And, even though marketing seems “simple”…

It requires intense intention, research, planning, and execution.

Juggling client acquisition and keeping your existing clients and customers satisfied at the same time doesn’t leave much room anything else…

Let alone growing a thriving business!

This is where the Juice Guru Marketing Club steps in.

We offer more than just high-conversion, ready-to-use templates for newsletters, social media, videos, and lead magnets — so you never start from zero.
Our membership includes a FULL STRATEGY, with live monthly trainings, calendars and guidance… ensuring you see results and can focus on what you do best – changing lives.

Daily Guidance for Lead Generation

Our content aligns with our special framework, proven to enhance engagement and conversions. Simply follow our content calendar and witness the growth!

Expertly Crafted In-House Content

Generic content won’t make you stand out. We offer scientifically supported, impactful juicing content that motivates your audience towards transformation, distinguishing you from your competitors.

Fresh Monthly Themes

Struggling with new ideas? We handle that for you. Sample themes include Detox Plans, Superfood Spotlights, 5-Day Juice Challenges, Wellness Week Strategies, and Nutrition Myths Debunked!

Monthly LIVE Trainings for Your Specific Questions

With LIVE MONTHLY TRAININGS and an outstanding support team, the phrase “I don’t know how to handle this marketing issue” becomes obsolete.

As a juicing business owner or Juice Therapist, you pour your heart and soul into health and juicing.

Every drop matters, every protocol signifies passion. And while the liquid gold you produce heals your clients, marketing and staying social can leave YOU… drained.

That's why we've bottled up the perfect solution just for you!

Behind the vibrant colors of spreading your healthy message, there’s an unseen weight.

The pressure of consistently creating alluring content, the challenge of maintaining an engaging social presence and retaining your clients, and the endless hours spent trying to crack the code of effective marketing.

While your healing message provides a fresh lease on life for many, the daunting tasks behind the scenes can often leave you feeling dehydrated.

It’s this very blend of passion and pain that led us to concoct the perfect antidote for you.

A solution so seamless, it feels like the first refreshing sip on a warm day.

We understand, we empathize, and most importantly, we've bottled up the ultimate elixir to ease your marketing woes.

Cheers to focusing on what you do best – promoting the magic of wellness in a glass, while we ensure your passion doesn’t get diluted in the complexities of marketing.

Sounds helpful? Here's how it works:


Access Your Monthly Content Bundle

Log in to the Juice Guru Marketing Club to access your new set of 100% rebrandable content. This bundle includes innovative social media posts, engaging email nurture sequences, and dynamic audience-building materials, all tailored for the juice and wellness industry.


Customize to Match Your Brand

Use Canva & Google Docs to swiftly adapt the content to your brand’s style and voice. Most club members find they can rebrand a full month’s content in just a few hours, making it a breeze to maintain a consistent and professional online presence.


Implement Your Marketing Plan

Follow the provided content calendar and marketing strategy to strategically post and send your content. Each month, you’ll receive a new video guide to ensure you’re making the most of the materials and keeping your marketing efforts effective and streamlined.

Highlights of the Club


Monthly Done-For-You Core Emails for Easy Emailing

Plug-and-play email sequences designed specifically to nurture your list and create repeat clients. Ensuring your customers hear from you just when they should. Effortlessly.


Monthly Fresh-Pressed Done-For-You Social Media Packs

Elevate your online engagement with our completely done-for-you monthly Social Media Pack. It features 30 customizable graphics of different post types. Every month, decorate your feed with content as vibrant as your juices. 100% customizable to your brand, tone and personality.

Customizable and Enticing Social Media Captions

Pair our conversion-driven captions with your social media graphics to unlock the full potential of your promotions.

20 Scroll-Stopping Hooks for Facebook & Instagram Reels (& scripts)

Ready, set, film… WAIT… what do I even talk about? Grab attention instantly with our dynamic hooks for your reels. These powerful starters are sure to keep your followers watching and engaging. And a fresh reels script is delivered every month.

Monthly DFY Social Media Calendar

No “guess work” or thinking required. Synchronize your social presence with our Monthly Social Media Calendar, perfectly paired with our Fresh-Pressed Social Media Pack. Keep your posting on track and your audience engaged with a curated schedule that aligns seamlessly with our vibrant, ready-to-use graphics, scripts and prompts.


Monthly Customizable Done-For-You Lead Magnet Drops

Elevate your authority with our tailor-made lead magnets… including colorful and authoritative recipe guides and e-books. Effortlessly adapt these enticing Canva templates to fit your brand, capturing leads with style and substance.

Lead Magnet eBook Customization Checklist

Never miss a step with our comprehensive checklist. It guides you through personalizing your monthly lead magnet to perfection, ensuring your eBook resonates with your audience.

Customizable DFY Email Nurture Sequence

Foster lasting relationships with your subscribers using our meticulously crafted email sequences. Designed for engagement, they keep your list warm and responsive.


Foundation Trainings

Dive into the essentials with our Foundation Trainings, where you’ll learn the core principles of successful juicing business marketing. Each session is crafted to help you build a solid marketing base, enhance your brand presence, and engage effectively with your target audience.

Monthly Marketing Trainings

Join us each month for live marketing trainings to help you build your juicing business faster, easier and with much less stress. These trainings are designed to help you expand your reach, impact and income.

Benefits that Pack a Punch

Time Saver

Save 40+ hours every month. No more staring blankly at a screen, deciding what to post.

Natural Attraction

Lure in your ideal customers organically. Consistency is key and we ensure you’re always in the limelight.

Stress Busters

Forget the overwhelming world of social media and email marketing. We’ve got you, ensuring you sleep as cool as a cucumber.

List Amplifier

Watch your email list sprout faster than your wheatgrass with our high-converting opt-in funnels.

Sales Boost

Engage, entice, and ensure sales. Our email marketing strategies are juicier than the freshest orange.

Content Multiplication

Repurpose our fresh content into videos, blogs, challenges, and more! One content piece, multiple uses.

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Babette Davis

Certified Juice Therapist, Wellness Influencer & Co-Owner of Stuff I Eat Restaurant

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Ally Sanchez

Certified Juice Therapist, Owner of Wellness Warrior

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Areti Kafantari

Certified Juice Therapist, Owner of Face Yoga

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Sheila Hall

Certified Juice Therapist, Owner of Eistrong Herbal Tea and Juice Bar

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Brian & Leann Rigney

Certified Juice Therapist, Owners of Juice Parents

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Stephanie Leach

Certified Juice Therapist, Author of “The Complete Juicing Recipe Book”

In the world of wellness, authenticity is everything.

As a wellness entrepreneur, you recognize that every fresh ingredient holds a purpose, every combination has intention, and every serving carries with it the promise of health, vitality, and nourishment.

You meticulously recommend juicing based on deep understanding of ingredients, their origins, their benefits, and their synergies when blended together. It’s not just about a tasty drink, but a potent magical elixir that rejuvenates, revives, and restores.

In much the same way, your marketing should be a reflection of this purity and purpose.

It's not just about attracting customers, but about educating, inspiring, and forming a genuine connection.

Think of each piece of content as a unique blend, crafted not just to sell, but to resonate, to tell a story, and to be an authentic representation of your brand.

Tailored Freshness

Just as you wouldn’t recommend a stale or synthetic juice, your marketing content needs to be freshly squeezed, brimming with vitality. It should reflect the seasonality of your offerings, the latest trends in wellness, and the ever-evolving tastes and preferences of your community.

Pure Intent

No fillers, no additives, no gimmicks. Your content should be devoid of the fluff that many fall for. Instead, it should provide value, be grounded in facts, and uphold the same ethical standards you set for your juices.

Potent Impact

Each piece of content should be as potent as a shot of wheatgrass — concise yet powerful, leaving a lasting impression, compelling the reader or viewer to act, engage, or simply reflect.

You’ve dedicated your entrepreneurial journey to promoting a lifestyle of health and well-being.

Isn’t it only fair that your marketing efforts mirror the same level of dedication, care, and authenticity?

Your brand deserves content that is not just seen, but felt — content that, much like fresh juices, is an infusion of passion, knowledge, and purpose.

Serve up your brand’s essence with the same fervor and integrity you pour into each glass of juice.

With our done-for-you system, you're not just promoting juicing, but also pouring energy into a thriving business and community.

🍊🥒🍎 *Cheers to Juicing and Winning in Business!* 🍎🥒🍊

Audience-Building DFY Assets (EBOOK, FB ADS, FUNNELS, AND MORE) ($2500 Value)

Email Newsletters ($1400 Value)

DFY Engaging Social Media Content ($1800 Value)

Prompts for FB + IG Reels ($850 Value)

Nurture Sequences for New Clients / Customers ($1200 Value)

Monthly Marketing Calendar ($1300 Value)

Live Monthly Marketing Trainings ($1500 Value)

Core Essential Trainings ($1800 Value)

BONUS: Ready-To-Launch Websites & Funnels ($3500 Value)

Get 50% OFF for Life!

Hey there,

it's Steve

from Juice Guru Institute.

Listen, I’m so pumped about our Juice Guru Marketing Club that I’m putting my money where my mouth is.

Choose to come aboard and you’ve got our Juice Guru Promise. Dive in and if within the first 14 days you feel like it’s not blending well with your needs, just shoot us a message.

We’ll ensure your investment is returned pronto. No strings attached, no riddles to solve, just a straightforward promise.

So, ready to jump into a world of juicing brilliance without a drop of risk? Let’s get started!

Includes Done For You Tools Each Month Including:




Get Your Monthly Full Access to:

Just $97/ Month for Life for Founding Members Only! (Founding Member Discount Ends Soon)



NORMALLY $2997/yr


Get Your Annual Full Access to:

Just $582/ Year for Life for Founding Members Only! (Founding Member Discount Ends Soon)


Frequently Asked Questions

A: Get in as a founding member for 50% OFF.  Then, if you agree The Club provides the best, most valuable business-building tools and can't wait to implement everything taught, then we'll continue to give you access to The Club every month thereafter at the 50% OFF discounted tuition of $97/ 49 month for founding members only (this insane offer ends soon).

A: Yes, it's true! When you say "maybe" today, you can secure up to $15,850 of hard-hitting, in the trenches, wellness/ juicing business & marketing blueprints and trainings... that once implemented can and will transform your business, and in the right direction you want it to go!

A: This is for the self-starter. The juicing entrepreneur that wants to implement real business strategies for demonstrable results. This is for the wellness business owner that wants to flood their calendar with repeat customers, appointments, bookings, coaching calls, etc. without being swindled into another business "tactic."


The Club provides you with real, working business growth strategies that have helped countless business owners and companies skyrocket their growth.

A: This is highly unlikely. Wait until you access this month's content + bonuses, and you'll see what I mean.

With that said, if you don't find our business tools and marketing strategies even the least bit useful... then you can cancel anytime and we'll part ways. We'd hate for the monthly blueprints and tools to go stale until next year. So, if you are part of the small percentage of people that don't find us useful, then you can cancel and we won't hold it against you.

A: Today, you can secure up to $15, 850 in this month's awesome blueprints + marketing tools for just $49! Then, after the initial 30 day test-run, if you love us and agree we're the best business + marketing newsletter to help your business thrive... even in these times... then we'll keep sending you brand new blueprints and done-for-you content (and trainings) each month for the discounted rate of $97/ $47 month as a founding member for a limited time only.

A: Easy! Simply cancel your membership anytime with a 14-day notice. You may contact us directly at to request your cancellation. It's a simple and easy cancellation!

We do recommend having an email-marketing platform. This way you can schedule your emails to send automatically, rather than send them manually. Once you’re inside the Juice Business Marketing Club, you'll get my suggestions/ recommendations to streamline your marketing efforts without the need for a big team or financial budget!

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