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Steve & Julie Prussack

Juice Guru have been featured on national radio, at healthy-living conferences and in national media on and off-line. We reach over 100k on social media. Contact us for media interviews or speaking engagements by clicking below.

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Steve & Julie Prussack

Juice Guru have been featured on national radio, at healthy-living conferences and in national media on and off-line. We reach over 100k on social media. Contact us for media interviews or speaking engagements by clicking below.


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Steve and Julie Prussack are high school sweethearts, who reunited after being disconnected for 20 years. At 50, they are examples of aging with vitality and health through juicing. And through their work they passionately hope to inspire a juicing revolution.

Steve was less vibrant at 22 than he is today. He graduated college overweight, severely out of shape and a pack-a-day smoker. His cholesterol and blood pressure were dangerously high, and his doctor warned him that he needed to do something drastically different to lower his risk of heart disease and early death.

It was juicing that turned it all around. Through juicing for the past 25+ years, Steve has maintained his ideal weight into his 50’s, and he has not a single chronic condition or disease. He founded Juice Guru to inspire others to live their most vibrant lives.

Julie was taking daily medication for chronic reflux and suffering from hormonal imbalance when she and Steve reunited in 2009. Through Steve’s example and guidance, Julie too transformed her health and life with juicing. She has joined him in his passionate mission to inspire others.

Steve and Julie co-authored the #1 Bestselling Amazon book “Juice Guru: Transform Your Life by Adding One Juice a Day”. Steve wrote “The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Juice Fasting”. 

Speaking Engagements:

Conscious Life Expo, February, 2017:  “Spiritual Growth Through Juicing” paid workshop, Los Angeles, California

The Juice Jar:   June, 2016:  “Transform Your Life by Adding One Juice a Day”, Fort Wayne, Texas

Tribest Whole Foods Juice Guru Demos/ Book Tour:  November, 2016 – January, 2017-  [Southern California]- Whole Foods Redondo Beach, Whole Foods Brentwood, Whole Foods Huntington Beach, Whole Foods Pasedena  [Hawaii]:  Whole Foods Honolulu

Natural Products Expo West, Anaheim, California, March 2016 and March 2017-  Tribest Juicing Demo/ Education Class

National Radio:

INTERVIEW with Pierre Wolfe Syndicated Radio Show – US –

INTERVIEW with RadioMD’s Clean Food Network – US

International Media:

Where Woman Cook/ April- 2017-  Juice Guru cover and 6-page spread

Nature and Health magazine – Australia – feature Special Wellness issue – 2017


 Everup.com – US – featuring book with recipe excerpts for Nothin’ But the Greens,
o Circ: 32,738

 Sweeps4Bloggers – US – featuring book review with giveaway April 2, 2016
o Circ: 215,369

 CookingNook.com – US – CAN – featuring book with recipe excerpt for Classic

 Gothic Epicures – CAN – featuring book review in April 2016 issue
o Circ: 14,272

 Exclusive Magazine.com – US – featuring book review May 1, 2016

 Fortyflirtyfabulous.com – MO – featuring book review March 15, 2016
o Circ: 10,424

 Torontonicity.com – ON – featuring book review March 14, 2016 + giveaway
o Circ: 50,248

 A Midlife Wife – CA – featuring book review and giveaway
o Circ: 10,972

 Vegan Crunk – TN – featuring book review April 27, 2016
o Circ: 85,351

 Cupcakes and Yoga Pants – IA – featuring book review May 5, 2016 + recipe excerpt

 Confessions of a Fitness Instructor – NS – featuring book review May 25, 2016
o Circ: 21,688

 So Cal City Kids – CA – featuring book review of Juice Guru –

 Pawsitive Living – AB – featuring book review + book giveaway



 INTERVIEW with My Central News Jersey –

 City Style Magazine – AB –


o Circ: 48,387

 Jewish Herald-Voice – TX – featuring book review August 11, 2016 online + hardcopy


Donated 8 books: Spiralizer, Meals in Mug, Juice Guru, Meals in Jar, 125 Best Vegan,
Complete Coconut, Natural Sugar, Brain Exercise to 2016 Peel Region Walk for Muscular
Dystrophy April 27, 2016

Sent 3 giveaway copies of each below title to Christmas in November (as per Elizabeth Baird’s
request) for three days of giveaways / door prizes: Bridge Home Cooking, Spiralizer, Wild Game,
Meals in Jar, Juice Guru, Smoothie Bowls