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Who:  Jill Howard –  Jill is the owner of Juice Jar, a cold-pressed organic juicery in Fort Wayne, Indiana. Her passion for juicing started over ten years ago as she sought a remedy for her on-going health issues. Once she discovered the benefits juicing provided, she eagerly shared it with her family and friends.

What We Talked About:  Jill shares her miraculous story of how she overcame numerous health issues through the power of juicing. This alone ignited her passion to create a cold-pressed juice bar to serve and educate her community. Her tale of transformation is sure to inspire you.

Why I Like Jill:  Jill is an articulate, intelligent and down-to-earth. She is a rising star in the juicing world and is passionate to spread the juicing message (like us).

Great Line: A juicer took me from feeling good to health through the roof… I had energy, I felt amazing, my hair stopped falling out, no more skin issues… just from juicing on a regular basis.

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