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Chef Babette

Enrolling in Juice Guru Institute was the best decision I ever made for my business.

I use the juicing & business expertise I gained to explode my restaurant business with new customers and revenue streams. Thanks to the program, I’ve also become a TV and internet celebrity, having more impact and reaching so many more people!
Babette Davis
Certified Juice Therapist, Wellness Influencer & Co-Owner of Stuff I Eat Restaurant

This course will bring more people to your wellness business!

What I loved about the program was the quality of the instructors. Because I’ve been studying natural health for over 20 years now, so I know who I like! And to have all of the marketing strategies that work has been a game changer for my business.
Ally Sanchez
Certified Juice Therapist, Owner of Wellness Warrior
Ally Sanchez
Areti Kafantari

This program gave me everything I needed to finally be successful!

I was a struggling nutritionist and yoga instructor. Once I got certified with Juice Guru, 4 clients became 24 clients which led to sold-out retreats on the Greek Islands. I’ve also been featured every month on the #1 morning show in Greece, educating about juicing!
Areti Kafantari
Certified Juice Therapist, Owner of Face Yoga

I recommend enrolling in Juice Guru Institute. It’s such an amazing program!

Getting certified helped me work with my clients more effectively to achieve their health and wellness goals. Trust me, you will LOVE this program if you are looking to start or build your own wellness business.
Sheila Hall
Certified Juice Therapist, Owner of Eistrong Herbal Tea and Juice Bar
Sheila Hall
Brian & Leann Rigney

You’ll love Juice Guru Institute for so many reasons!

Ever since we graduated, we’re as busy as we want to be right now. People just started calling, we’ve got interviews, it’s just been a whirlwind ever since. We both have become unstoppable in building our successful wellness business.
Brian & Leann Rigney
Certified Juice Therapist, Owners of Juice Parents

This program was one of the best investments in my career as a health coach!

Due in part to my certification from Juice Guru Institute, I was able to publish my first book. This program was one of the best investments in my career as a health coach, opening doors to new opportunities to help even more people with chronic conditions.
Stephanie Leach
Certified Juice Therapist, Author of “The Complete Juicing Recipe Book”
Stephanie Leach
Sarah Verlinde

What started as a side hustle has become my full-time business with 400% sales growth since getting certified at Juice Guru Institute!

Our business is now thriving. We’ve experienced growth after growth. Really most of this would have been possible without enrolling in Juice Guru Institute. The resources included are second to none. Juice leads our sales and is the core of our brand.
Sarah Verlinde
Certified Juice Therapist, Owner of Nourish Juicery & Kitchen

This program gives you a huge impact to help people naturally and holistically!

If you’re thinking about getting certified with Juice Guru, you should do it! It has transformed my life. Juicing is the foundation of my business. Getting certified has propelled me to run workshops, retreats and be featured on mainstream TV.
Evie Kevish
Certified Juice Therapist, Wellness Influencer
Evie Kevish
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