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Chef Babette Davis’s Featured Story

Testimonial from Chef Babette Davis, Co-owner of Stuff I Eat & Internet Celebrity

Read about Chef Babette's success here

  • Certified Juice Therapist
  • Internet Celebrity
  • Co-owner of Stuff I Eat

“I am co-owner of “Stuff I Eat” restaurant in Inglewood, California. When I first heard about getting Certified in Juice Therapy, I realized that I could get even healthier juicing… and what a great idea to become a juicing educator.

Our business was struggling to get back.  Once I was certified, I started to have more impact. I got my customers onto the daily juice habit and started hosting juice cleanse programs.

The program showed me how to get my voice out in a bigger way. Now I’ve been featured on popular TV shows, in national magazines and have a worldwide following of fans.

I’ve become more than a business owner because I’m changing lives all over the world with the message of juicing and eating for life.

I’m thankful I took the Juice Guru Certification Program because it was the fuel that grew my business (and celebrity) to a level I never imagined before“.

Feedback From Recent Graduates

Musette Rosenstand

“Thanks to the Juice Guru Institute, I am now leading my own sold-out retreats and juicing programs on tropical islands!  This program changed my life”.

– Certified Juice Therapist

Elizabeth Carey

“I am filled with gratitude and much appreciation for the Juice Guru Certification Program in setting the bar high in regards to credibility and establishing a great foundation for excellence in health & lifestyle education”.

– Certified Juice Therapist

Kathleen Marinell & Nico Homburg

“Juice Guru Institute gave us the knowledge, tools, credibility, confidence, and authority to create a business we had only dreamt about”.

– Certified Juice Therapists

Brian & Leann Rigney

“Once we became Certified Juice Therapists, clients just started calling and money started rolling in. And it’s just been a whirlwind ever since”.

– Certified Juice Therapists

Kathleen Bachman

“Juice Guru Institute is fantastic and the trainings are comprehensive, featuring amazing modules from the leaders in juicing, fasting, health and business marketing”!

– Certified Juice Therapist

George Avedisian

“The depth of health-related training in this program is staggering. I now have the tools to lead people to optimal health”. 

– Certified Juice Therapist

Sarah Verlinde’s Featured Story

Testimonial from Sarah Verlinde, Owner of Nourish Juicery & Kitchen

Read about Sarah's success here

  • Certified Juice Therapist
  • Owner of Nourish Juicery & Kitchen

“I suffered for most of life with chronic respiratory issues, and in 2014 ended up in the hospital for a week, leaving there on 9 prescriptions. I continued to “fail” according to the doctors, and out of desperation that following fall I reached out to a Naturopathic Doctor.

I immediately made changes to my diet, eliminating wheat, dairy, almonds, potatoes, and sugar. My health improved drastically over the following months, and the better I felt, the more I wanted to learn. I began juicing for my husband and before long, for some friends as they began requesting it.

When I learned about the Juice Guru Certification Program, it was the perfect next step in my personal development in order to be able to better serve my Community. My Juice Therapy Certification gave me the confidence to make the decision to find a way to grow my business, Nourish Juicery and Kitchen.

What started as a side hustle has become my full-time business with significant growth since opening our new space (currently 400% sales growth over last year). Juice leads our sales and is the core of our brand.

As a Juice Therapist, we are able to provide the added value of consulting to our cleanse packages and I spend much of my time educating our customers about the benefits of juicing, explaining our juice blends, how to better support their health with juicing and plant-based food and which juicers are best.

I love seeing our rural town getting excited about juice and healthy food, we are looking forward to continued growth”!

Endorsements From Bestselling Authors

Arielle Height

“I recommend JGI to those wishing to recover, sustain or preserve their health + earn an excellent income. I deeply invite you to connect with Juice Guru Institute and give them a try”.

– Bestselling Author, Co-Founder of Awakened Academy

Juiceman Jay Kordich

“A big thumbs up to Steve on spreading the message of juicing and healthy living to all generations to come. I highly endorse Steve Prussack Juice Guru and Juice Guru Institute”.

– Bestselling Author, Father of Juicing

Dr Gabriel Cousens

“Steve Prussack, founder of Juice Guru Institute, opens the door to new levels of health. He is doing the work that can change your life and I endorse his work. I recommend JGI”.

– Bestselling Author, Founder of the Tree of Life Rejuvenation Center

Sheila Hall’s Featured Story

Testimonial from Sheila Hall, Owner of Eistrongherbal Tea and Juice Bar

Read about Sheila's success here

  • Certified Juice Therapist
  • Owner of Eistrongherbal Tea and Juice Bar

“My name is Sheila Hall and I own Unique Scripts Wellness Spa and Eistrongherbal Tea and Juice Bar in Randallstown Maryland.

I took the Juice Guru Certification program and I’m so glad I did. As a Functional Medicine Health Coach, I’ve learned to use Juice as Medicine for my client’s health and wellness goals.

Because of the Juice Guru Certification Program, I learned how to properly juice, the enormous benefits of incorporating it into your daily diet, and the powerful healing that you can achieve by just drinking one juice a day.

This alone has had a huge impact on my client’s wellness. It has also helped me to develop a lymphatic detox and cleanse juice program since most of them suffer from lymphedema.

I have the confidence that I needed because of the certification program to open my juice bar and serve my clients in a more health and wellness-based way“.

A Few Of Our More Than Ninety 5-Star Reviews On Trustindex & Facebook

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Bonnie Gannet

“Becoming certified is one of the best things I did. Even if you already live this lifestyle there is always room for growth, and with Juice Guru Institute you will feel confident in helping people through this modality knowing that you have stepped beyond the fluff and into a foundation that brings in science. Steve Prussack is passionate about what he does. Even if you already have a Juicing business gaining credentials and being accredited through Juice Guru Institute is a great investment in your business as you empower others to experience better health through juicing”.

Jillian Howard

“Steve’s knowledge of how to use plants and vegetables to flood your body with nutrients through juicing is out of this world! Not only does he explain in his books how to make juice but why the ingredients are so good for you. I would highly recommend any of his books or courses”!

Veronica Prainito

“Steve Prussack is one of my guiding lights for health and wellness. After using his recipes and following his advice and tuning in to his interviews, I am putting more knowledge to work for my health than ever. Thank you Steve for all you do!!! You’ve been much more than a Juice Guru to me”!

Gina Mariposa

“This is an awesome program! Very informative and easy to digest. I highly recommend everyone take this course. It does not matter if you are applying for business, or for self-care. Anyone would benefit from the tools gained from the Juice Guru Certification Program”.

Christine M Jackson

“I absolutely love this program! Since embarking on this journey I have lost weight, I am in the process of starting my very own juice business, and I achieved a 10-year dream of being a Board Certified Holistic Health Care Practitioner! Hats off to all of the professors and staff at Juice Guru Institute. They are running a truly heart-centered organization. I couldn’t ask for a better way to start 2021”!

Martina Aumua

“I became certified as a Juice Therapist in September 2019. I primarily did it from myself but also to teach others through me. Steve and Julie are very passionate about what they offer and are available for any questions and concerns that can come up during training. I highly recommend the course for personal use and for professionals in the field of health. I have also participated in the Rapid Weight Loss program which I would suggest as a good place to start. The price of the course pays for itself in the value that it has enabled my family to implement a daily juice in our ongoing health program for LIFE. Thank you, Steve and Julie”.

Jenny Taylor

“This Juice Guru Certification program was perfect for me. I’ve enjoyed juicing over the years and certainly have seen how it’s changed my life. With this inspiring course, I am able to take it to another level and help others take responsibility for their own health, and there’s never been a more needed time. I highly recommend the Juice guru institute for anyone who is passionate about helping others achieve vitality and wellbeing”.

Amy Edwards Moumin

“This program is a Godsent. I am learning so much for the benefit of myself and my family. The bonus is, Juice Guru Institute shows you how to make a business out of it as well. I am so grateful”.

Suzanne McNamara

“Steve is a caring and compassionate person dedicating his time to better himself and others all over the world. He is an acclaimed author on juicing, has excellent programs designed to educate and inspire others to not only eat more healthy but live more healthy. If I have any questions he is a text away, always caring about the wellbeing of his community members. I recommend Steve’s juicing books and podcasts! You will truly be inspired”!

Paul Talbert

“Steve is fantastic. He is not only incredibly knowledgeable but he is super passionate about juicing. His passion is infectious. I cannot recommend him highly enough”.

Pro Spira

“Steve is the man! He is a worthy successor to Jay “the Juiceman” Kordich and has taken juicing, and educating people about juicing, to the next level. I highly recommend checking out his courses, radio programs, and informative social media content”.
What is a Certified Juice Therapist?

Stephanie Leach’s Featured Story

Testimonail from Stephanie Leach, Founder of Juice Powered Life

Read about Stephanie's success here

  • Certified Juice Therapist + Health Coach
  • Author + Entrepreneur
  • Founder of Juice Powered Life™

“I enrolled at Juice Guru Institute to increase my knowledge about juicing and juice fasting. I had personally experienced the power of juicing in my own life and knew that incorporating juicing into my health coaching practice would help my clients reach their health goals faster.

Juicing is now the foundation of my 1-on-1 health coaching programs. I also host seasonal group juice cleanses, helping people interested in juice fasting do so safely and effectively. Due in part to my Juice Guru juice therapist certification, I was able to publish my first book, The Complete Juicing Recipe Book – 360 Easy Recipes for a Healthier Life.

My CJT training continues to be one of the best investments in my career as a health coach – opening doors to new opportunities to help even more people achieve a healthy weight and reverse chronic conditions with the power of juice”!

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