Greenstar Elite Guru Pack (White)

$641.70 $549.95

Tribest Greenstar Elite Jumbo Twin Gear Juicer is a newly-modernized version of our original Greenstar juicer. It is perfect for anyone who wants to enjoy the full health benefits of juicing, whether they are new to juicing or an old hand. With a design inspired by nature’s own masticating system, human teeth, Greenstar Elite’s jumbo twin gears perfectly mimic the way that your own teeth break down food. The juicer does all the work so that you can take in all the nutrients and enzymes without wasting any energy of your own.

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Greenstar Elite Gift Pack includes:

• Greenstar Elite Juicer – White ($549.95 Value)

• Juice Guru: Transform Your Life by Adding One Juice a Day, by Juice Guru Steve Prussack ($19.25 Value)

• Glass Juice Pitcher ($15.20 Value)

• GS Wooden Plunger ($7.60 Value)

• GSE Soft Fruit Adjusting Knob ($15.70 Value)

• Free Shipping ($34.00 Value)


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