Wheatgrass Grower Guru Pack

$149.94 $129.95

Sproutman’s Wheatgrass Grower set is the easier way to grow juice-bar-style trays of wheatgrass! Take advantage of the powerful health benefits of wheatgrass by growing your own at home. With Sproutman’s Wheatgrass Grower, you never have to run out of wheatgrass or pay $4.00 per shot of juice ever again.



Wheatgrass Grower Guru Pack includes:

Sproutman’s Wheatgrass Grower with FREE Organic Wheatgrass Seeds ($129.95 Value)

• Juice Guru: Transform Your Life by Adding One Juice a Day by Steve & Julie Prussack ($19.97 Value)

• Extra Level Set ($43.95) Value


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