JGT: ep. 4: The Best Juice Pulp Recipe

What do you do with the leftover pulp from juicing? Celebrity chef Babette Davis shows us some tasty treats you can whip up instead of throwing the pulp out. Chef Babette contributed many delicious pulp recipes in our new book “Juice Guru: Transform Your Life by Adding One Juice A Day”. You can find out more by clicking here.

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  1. Tom

    Good show, you guys! Thanks a lot.
    I’ve heard it said it’s best to run the dehydrator at about 130-140 degrees for the first hour or two and then back it down to 115 for the remainder. Any thoughts on that? Concerned that the enzymes in the food might be negatively affected.

    Thanks much….

    • Steve and Julie

      If maintaining the nutrient/enzyme integrity is your primary concern Tom, running the dehydrator at 118 degrees F or lower is the way to go. There may be some nutrient/enzyme loss when starting at a higher temperature for a long period of time. If the temperature is lowered more quickly, this may speed up the dehydration process because the unit will heat up faster, but there may still be some degradation. The Tribest Sedona Combo will do this more precisely and automatically using their TST Feature (Two Stage Sequential Temperature Timer) which will maintain all of the nutritional value with minimal loss. We LOVE their dehydrators (obviously). 🙂

  2. Yelena

    Loved the show, loved the receipe! I always feel so bad throwing away so much pulp! Now i know what to do:) No dehydrator yet, but hopefully soon! Thank u!!

    • Steve Prussack

      Awesome Yelena! The book has a bunch more incredible pulp recipes. Babette Davis is the bomb.

  3. Zoey

    Hey guys,

    I’m loving your show 🙂 I love the raw carrot croquettes and the dehydrator too! Once I get the chance I’ll get your ebook 🙂

    • Steve Prussack

      Thanks Zoey! The book is actually a paperback… not sure about a digital version yet (our publishers are VERY traditional 🙂 ). Thanks for writing.


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