Juice Guru Practitioners are taking the world by storm. Literally.

But what exactly are they doing and why has Juice Therapy been recognized as one of the fastest growing careers of the decade? With endless career opportunities and a renewed sense of independence, our coaches are empowered wellness authorities thriving in their personal and professional lives. Did we mention they love every second of it?

Keep reading to learn about why Juice Therapy is the career you’ve been looking for.

No matter which career path you take as a Certified Juice Therapist, one thing remains constant. You’ll have the unique ability to shape your career around your passions, skills and desires

You’re the boss

Create a schedule that works for youand your family

Work from anywhere, anytime

Do work you love that aligns with your heart

Financial freedom

Be a leader in your community

Help others while also helping yourself

Check out the videos below to Hear From JGI Graduates

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