STOP agonizing over the toughest part of your juicing biz: Get it off the ground, and thriving… without wasting your valuable time and money.


Your Juicing Business


Proven Done-for-You Programs, Blueprints, and Marketing Strategies

Cut out months to years of guesswork and aggravation. And get down to the business of growing your business… NOW.

You're a

Certified Juice Therapist.

Its time to rise above the noise, stand out

And shine

How In The World Do You Do That?

How do you parlay that certificate … and the credibility that comes with it … into a successful practice or business that becomes your main squeeze
… and not just a side hustle?

How do you get the word out that you’re even in business… let alone the “go-to” place for all things juice?
What steps do you take first… second… third… to start bottling juices to serve at your juice bar. Or by delivery? Or through your juice truck?

How do you attract your clients and customers in the first place?

How can you lead clients or your online following to health if you don’t have proven systems or programs?

For most people, starting your own business - especially a passion business - can be both exciting and terrifying.

Who has the time to figure out EVERYTHING yourself from scratch? And where do you even begin?

Getting it right the first time can make all the difference between:

Great Success


Going Down In Flames.

If you’re ready to launch your own thriving passion business …
WITHOUT the stress & gamble of spending months or years researching, creating products and navigating the maze of “how-to’s” and “where do I even begin”…

We Can Help.

We’ve done it all.

For You.

We have all the proven blueprints, programs and tools you need to launch and grow your business… already done for you… and at your fingertips.

Whether your goal is to be the “go-to” educator, wellness coach or online wellness influencer…

Or your vision is to build your own juice bar, juice truck, juice delivery or sold-out retreats…

We’ve Got You Covered.

I’m so glad I got the mastery program!! This is such valuable information to use with clients! Thank you!!
Barbara Ann Bruno
Certified Juice Therapist

There are so many Goodies Inside The

Juice Guru Mastery Program

Consider this your goodie bag of resources to launch and grow your juicing business… fast and hassle-free.

Be “in the know” on the proven blueprints to launch your juicing business. And have the most compelling programs proven to get the best results for your clients.


Our 4 Fully-Customizable

JGI Signature 100% Done-For-You Programs

PLUS… all 4 include marketing materials to help you promote your programs.

Our *no-stress* done-for-you programs include:

Your Own

Signature Juice Cleanse

What good is being a Certified Juice Therapist without your own signature Juice Detox Program? Save yourself the months needed to create your own… and simply customize ours to your branding in minutes.

The 7-Day

Sugar Detox

Sugar is the devil responsible for the obesity epidemic and chronic inflammation and disease. Lead your clients to great health with this attractive and comprehensive sugar detox and juicing system.


Holistic Detox Program

Treat your clients holistically… mind, body and soul. And help them be the healthiest and happiest versions of themselves possible with this unique program.


Vegan Athlete Challenge Program

Plant-based eating has never been more popular. And every client loves a “challenge.” This comprehensive program will allow you to draw more clients to you and help you deliver a unique experience they won’t get anywhere else.


Our Complete

Juicing Business Development And Marketing Kit

It’s incredibly scary to start up your own physical juicing business… whether you begin from home in your own kitchen or jump right into a juice bar or truck.

We take away the guesswork with our Juicing Business Development and Marketing Kit, including:

Your comprehensive step-by-step guide to launching your business from start to finish.

Marketing materials, including colorful flyers and social media assets

Tools to make it all easier including



Business-Building Workshops By Successful Entrepreneurs

How To

Grow Your Own Juicing Business

Learn from a fellow CJT and successful juice bar owner, Jill Howard, how to profitably launch your own business serving juice. Whether you start small out of your own kitchen … providing juices to friends or creating a local delivery service. Or you’re ready to jump right into your own juice truck, juice bar, kiosk or pop up.


Herbology Of Juicing

The addition of special herbs to your juices can amp up their effectiveness, create unique blends, and help you stand out even more as a practitioner.

In this Advanced Workshop, CJT graduate and herbalist Ally Sanchez shares the top herbs to include in your juice protocols to address a variety of client issues and needs.

How To Create

Your Own Sold-Out Retreats

In this special masterclass, retreat leader Amber Sears shows you how to build a sustaining retreat business without needing lots of capital to start.

Build a practice of leading retreats in your own community or in exotic locations if you love to travel. Your retreats can focus solely on juice cleanses… or bring in other skills for a comprehensive experience, like yoga, massage and reiki.


Sold-Out Workshops

Certified Juice Therapists can create a full time business running local and online workshops.

In this special training, expert Mark Reinfeld provides inside tips for getting started building local workshops in your community, in exotic locations or even online. You can start on a limited budget and Mark shows you how.