Finally end your agonizing struggle… to stand out in the obscenely overcrowded Trillion Dollar Wellness Field



Certified Juice Therapist

and Propel Your Wellness Business
Get the credibility and proven marketing systems you need to have massive impact, change lives and make more money. From the #1 Juice Certification Program in the world.

There are more wellness “coaches” and “experts” than ever.

Capturing the attention of YOUR audience. And making it nearly impossible for you to make a difference. And build a thriving wellness business of your own.

True… the pandemic brought about unprecedented opportunity and demand. To help others get healthy naturally, lose weight and heal.

And while a record number of businesses went under. And thousands lost their jobs in the instability and chaos of the past few years…

The wellness industry continues to grow, thrive and offer boundless opportunity.

The pandemic also brought fierce competition, noise and bad information about the right way to get healthy.

Now, general health coaches and wellness businesses are literally a dime a dozen.

And it can feel like a free-for-all to grab attention and earn yourself clients. Drowning in the wellness ocean… without guidance or a net.

How In The World Can You Compete?

And even if you can manage to somehow grab the attention of some … barriers are everywhere to building a profitable business of your own…

How do I become THE “go-to” expert… I don’t have months or years to waste in school.

How can I make sure I have longevity … and don’t fail within a few months?

How can I grow my business on a shoestring budget?

How can I get myself …and my business… seen above all the noise? I don’t have a single client.

What steps do I need to take first… second… third… to even launch my business?

What equipment do I need? Where do I get it?

I don’t have time to create my own programs or cleanses to lead others. Where do I get help with that?

These are real concerns.

And the right answers… from the right people… will make all the difference between the success and failure of your wellness business.

You Need A Specialty.

You Need Credibility.

You Need Guidance...

…And All The Steps To Grow Your Business From People Who’ve Done It.

If you desperately want to create a passion business of your very own… but the thought of failing, losing money and drowning in the competition is preventing you from taking action…

We Can Help.

The Juice Guru Institute Is The World’s First Completely Virtual And Most Successful School Of Juice Therapy,

With 1500+ Certified Practitioners In Over A Dozen Countries.

Steve Prussack founded the Juice Guru Certification Program and the Juice Guru Method® over 10 years ago. He has almost THREE DECADES of experience in wellness and building 6- and 7-figure wellness businesses.

He knows what you need to get your clients results, and to command the higher fees that specialization and expert credentials bring.

And he’s assembled a faculty of the leading Medical Doctors, juicing experts and wellness leaders to pass that expertise and business knowledge to you.

It’s time to go from struggling to be seen to leading the wellness field as a Certified Juice Therapist.

We'll Teach You How To Stand Out, Shine, And Rise Above The Noise In The Crowded Wellness Space As A Certified Juice Therapist.
As I am in clinicals, so many people come in with cancer or many diseases. I now have started speaking the Juice Guru method. My teachers/professors and classmates are so impressed with how much more I know thanks to this program.

Ashley Gilliard

Certified Juice Therapist

Juice Guru Practitioners Are Taking The World By Storm.


As Featured In

Our Graduates Are Leading The Field As:

Our graduates do it all – and they totally rock at it!

And Now It’s Your Turn.

We’re the originators of the Juice Revolution.

Juice Guru Institute Has:

We’re the only program dedicated to spreading the healing power of juice worldwide…by igniting the torches of leaders who are passionate about building healthier lives for those around them.

And Now

We’re Passing The Torch To You.

Make more money while having more impact in the world.

The Opportunities For A

Certified Juice Therapist


Here are just some of the ways our CJTs create magic all over the world.
How can you create your own magic?

It’s time to go from being overshadowed by the competition to rising up as a go-to leader in the Juice Revolution

Our Expert Teachers Will Guide You To Credibility And Success As A

Certified Juice Therapist

In As Few As 5 Weeks.

With Our Proprietary

The Juice Guru Method®

Module 1 Juicing Expert

Become An Expert In Juicing

Module 2

Master The Science Behind The Magic Of Juicing

Module 3 Earn Money

Tap New Ideas To Earn Money

Module 4 Juicing Business

Stand Out With The Power Of Daily Juicing

Module 5 Juice Revolution

Lead The Juice Revolution

The Opportunities Are Abundant.

And They Are Worldwide.
We’re Also The Only Program With A

Faculty Of The Masters In Health, Nutrition & Business

Consider Your

CJT Certification as the

Secret Weapon

That Will Make Sure YOU Are Seen And Heard Above The Competition. And Give You The Blueprints And Tools To Grow Your Passion From A Side Hustle To Your Own Serious Full-Time Business.

There Are So Many


Inside the CJT Program!


Private Online Community


Business and Marketing Success Bundle


Earn your DUAL Certification as a Holistic Health Practitioner


Steve’s Rolodex of Resources


Wholesale Pricing on Your Equipment


The ABCs from The Juiceman

“Because of the Juice Guru Certification Program, I gained the confidence, guidance and certification that I needed to open my juice bar and serve my clients in a more health and wellness-based way.”

Sheila Hall

Certified Juice Therapist, Owner of Eistrongherbal Tea + Juice Bar

Help End Hunger

With Your Tuition

Juice Guru Institute’s mission is to bring good nutrition to the world, one juice at a time. That’s why a portion of your tuition is donated directly to our charitable partner, WhyHunger. They believe a world without hunger is possible. And just like us… and you… they believe that good nutrition is a basic human right.

To Learn More Visit
Ready To Join The


As Featured In

“Once we became Certified Juice Therapists, clients just started calling and money started rolling in. And it’s just been a whirlwind ever since.”

Brian & Leann Rigney

Certified Juice Therapists, Co-owners of Juice Parents


Asked Questions

Awesome! We are so excited to welcome you to the Certification Program, our community and your future. There are two ways for you to enroll…

  • You can save 50% RIGHT NOW on tuition to our Certification and Mastery (business-building) programs by enrolling directly here OR
  • You can WATCH OUR OPEN HOUSE with Steve here. OR

The Juice Guru CJT Program is the only one of its kind. It is the only Juicing Certification that

  • Enables you to earn a DUAL-certification and start making money in WEEKS, rather than months or years.
  • Brings together the leaders in juicing and wellness to instruct you and elevate your business.
  • Teaches you the basics of presentation and business building as well as expertise in juicing. 
  • Gives you the done-for-you marketing and business-building tools you need to launch and grow your business AND
  • Is accredited and backed by the Complementary Medical Association AND the American Association of Drugless Practitioners.
  • Delivers the WOW factor. We are there for you every step of the way, and go WAY above and beyond to deliver you the best experience possible and the best tools to launch and grow your business. Just ask some of our 1500+ graduates.

We are the only dual-accredited Juice Certification Program on the planet! The Juice Guru CJT Program is accredited by the Complementary Medical Association (CMA) and the American Association of Drugless Practitioners.

The CMA is the #1 recognized authority on accrediting natural and holistic colleges and schools. And both accreditations are recognized… along with your certifications… worldwide. With an accredited certification like this, people will know you have top-notch credentials.

Yes! We welcome all partners and family members in your business to get Certified with you for a fraction of the tuition. You will each have full and separate access to the program and earn your own Certifications.

Certified Juice Therapists using The Juice Guru Method® work in a variety of settings. This includes private client practice, group coaching, leading retreats and workshops, creating juice bars, pop ups, trucks and home delivery businesses, speaking engagements, leading online and offline cleanse programs and daily juice practices, partnerships with local fitness clubs, yoga studios, and more, offering physical and digital products related to juicing and much more. Opportunities are limited only by your imagination.

It takes most people an average of 5 weeks to get certified, which means you can start making more money right away.

But because the Juice Guru CJT Program is completely online, you can complete your certification at your own pace. You have a full year to complete your certification with allowance for longer if unforeseen events should occur in your life.

And the best part? Once you enroll in the Certification Program, you’re a member for life… of our amazing private community and of the program itself. You’ll always have access to ALL of the lessons, digital textbooks, upgrades, and done-for-you business and marketing materials.

You will never go it alone! We limit our class size to ensure that our support team will always be available to support you and answer any questions. AND if you want even more support … like a one-on-one mentor … we have that option too. You’ll be paired with one of our successful rockstar grads who will hold your hand through the program and help you firm up your business concept.

Absolutely not. We specifically chose to create a self-paced program, so that you schedule our classes around YOU. On average, it takes only 5 weeks to get through the core program and earn your Certification, but you can take your time with all of the lessons and bonus lessons too, and have up to a year to complete the program. The program is virtual and can be done from any digital device in the comfort of your home (or at the gym, or while you are taking a nice long walk in nature).

Absolutely not. We include all course material free, as part of your tuition. We will also cover the shipping of your well-earned Certified Juice Therapist certificate upon successful completion of the program.

Yes. Juice Guru offers a limited 7-day action-oriented money-back guarantee.

If you have sat for 1 or more lessons, and find it’s not for you, contact us within 7 days of enrollment for a full refund.

Due to the nature of the program and information provided, we are unable to offer any additional refunds.

NOTE: This Certification is for those serious about success. If you enroll with the intent to “check it out” rather than fully implement the teachings, then this Certification is not for you.

Yes. We know you have a business to run, which is why we offer a 4-month payment plan as well as the one-time tuition option.

Once qualified you are an independent Certified Juice Therapist (CJT) and are able to use the term Juice Guru Certified Juice Therapist (CJT), including the logo to promote your own business endeavors in as far as you can say you have qualified as a Juice Guru Certified Juice Therapist (CJT). You are free to use the “Juice Guru CJT badge” to promote yourself.
You can also say that you have completed the Juice Guru Certification Program®, which has been accredited by the CMA®.

WHAT YOU MAY NOT DO is use the Juice Guru®, Juice Guru International®, Steve Prussack, or Juice Guru® Advisory Board Members’ names in any way whatsoever to advertise or promote your business. This includes ALL Juice Guru International® branding, logos, and recipes. By completing this course, you can in no way claim that you are affiliated with Juice Guru®, Steve Prussack, or any Member(s) of the Juice Guru® Advisory Board, or are an employee or representative of Juice Guru International®.

FINAL RESTRICTIONS AND RESERVATION OF RIGHTS: Graduates of the Juice Guru® Certification Program, while not explicitly affiliated with Juice Guru International®, do represent the Juice Guru® brand in as far as the level of professionalism with which they conduct their business(es). Juice Guru International®, therefore, reserves the right to revoke any certification if it determines that a particular business is being run in an unprofessional manner or in a manner contrary to the teachings and principles of the Juice Guru® Certification Program.

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