Stand Out in the Crowded Wellness Space as an
Accredited Certified Juice Therapist

Lead the Juice Revolution!

Catapult Your Career as a Certified Juice Therapist and lead the juice revolution in as few as 5 Weeks!

Lead the Juice Revolution!

Catapult Your Career as a Certified Juice Therapist and lead the juice revolution in as few as 5 Weeks!

Why a Juice Guru®  Certified Juice Therapist?

Millions Heart Attacks & Strokes a Year in the U.S.

Million Americans with Obesity

Juice Guru Certified Juice Therapists Leading the Juice Revolution

Step 1

Grab the FREE Juicing Chart. Find out why juicing is one of the best things you can recommend to your clients, family and friends.  Download my free Juice Guru Juicing Chart.

Step 2

Book a Discovery Call!  It’s time to become a leading force in The Juice Revolution.  Book a free discovery call to find out the many ways you can have impact with the magic of juicing.

Step 3

Join the Juice Revolution! Make more money and grow your health business by becoming a Certified Juice Therapist.  Catapult Your career as a juice guru in as few as 5 Weeks

Our Rock Star

Babette Davis

“I signed up for Juice Guru Institute so I could learn more about juicing for my health. I used the juicing & business expertise I gained to explode my restaurant business with new customer and revenue streams. I’ve also become a TV and internet celebrity, having more impact and reaching so many people now.”

Elizabeth Carey

“I am filled with gratitude and much appreciation for the Juice Guru Certification Program in setting the bar high in regards to credibility  and establishing a great foundation for excellence in health & lifestyle education.”

Kathleen Marinell & Nico Homburg

“Juice Guru Institute gave us the knowledge, tools, credibility, confidence and authority to create a business we had only dreamt about.”

Musette Rosenstand

“Thanks to the Juice Guru Institute, I am now leading my own sold-out retreats and juicing programs on tropical islands!  This program changed my life.”

Kathleen Bachman

“Juice Guru Institute is fantastic and the trainings are comprehensive, featuring amazing modules from the leaders in juicing, fasting, health and business marketing!”

Brian & Leann Rigney

“Once we became Certified Juice Therapists, clients just started calling and money started rolling in. And it’s just been a whirlwind ever since”

A big thumbs up to Steve on spreading the message of juicing and healthy living to all generations to come. I highly endorse Steve Prussack Juice Guru and Juice Guru Institute.”

Juiceman Jay Kordich

Bestselling Author , Father of Juicing

Steve Prussack, founder of Juice Guru Institute, opens the door to new levels of health. He is doing the work that can change your life and I endorse his work. I recommend JGI.”

Dr. Gabriel Cousens

Bestselling Author, Founder of Tree of Life Rejuvenation Center

I recommend JGI to those wishing to recover, sustain or preserve their health + earn an excellent income. I deeply invite you to connect with Juice Guru Institute and give them a try.

Arielle Hecht

Bestselling Author, Co-Founder of Awakened Academy

Learn more about what makes Juice Guru Institute unique

More Impact

Gain the expertise and business tools to STAND OUT in the crowded wellness space and ACHIEVE SUCCESS as a Certified Juice Therapist. Focus on what works to SHINE above the competition.

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Your Tribe

Join our GLOBAL COMMUNITY of hundreds of Certified Juice Therapists to empower, inspire, and motivate you to create YOUR successful health biz—we’re in this together and you’ll never feel alone.

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Inspire Others

MAKE MORE MONEY helping others transform their lives, from anywhere in the world. The opportunities for success in juicing are unparalleled.  Experience true success & BE YOUR OWN BOSS.

Frequently asked questions

Why should I choose to get certified with Juice Guru?

The Juice Guru CJT Program is the only one of its kind. It is the only Juicing Certification that 

– Enables you to get certified and start making money in weeks, rather than months or years.

– Brings together the leaders in juicing and wellness  to instruct you and elevate your business.

– Teaches you the basics of presentation and business building as well as expertise in juicing. AND

– Is accredited and backed by the Complementary Medical Association.

What is the Complimentary Medical Association (CMA)?

The Juice Guru CJT Program is accredited by the Complimentary Medical Association.  

The CMA is the #1 recognized authority on accrediting natural and holistic colleges and schools.  With an accredited certification like this, people will know you have top-notch credentials.  

What opportunities are there for a CJT using The Juice Guru Method?

Certified Juice Therapists using The Juice Guru Method® work in a variety of settings.  This includes private client practice, group coaching, leading retreats and workshops, speaking engagements, leading online and offline cleanse programs and daily juice practices, partnerships with local fitness clubs, yoga studios and more, offering physical and digital products related to juicing and much more.  Opportunities are limited only by your imagination.

How long does it take to get certified?

It takes most people an average of 5 weeks to get certified, which means you can start making more money right away

But because the Juice Guru CJT Program is completely online, you can complete your certification at your own pace.  You have a full year to complete your certification with allowance for longer if unforeseen events should occur in your life.

Is there any travel required?

Absolutely not.  The program is virtual and can be done from any digital device in the comfort of your home (or at the gym, or while you are taking a nice long walk in nature).

Are there any hidden costs or supplemental material I need to purchase?

Absolutely not.  We include all course material free, as part of your tuition.  We will ship your books directly to your door, no matter where in the world you live.  We will also cover the shipping of your  well-earned Certified Juice Therapist certificate, also shipped directly to your door upon successful completion of the program.

Is there a Money Back Guarantee or Refund Available?

Yes. Juice Guru offers a limited 7-day action-oriented money back guarantee.

If you have sat for 1 or more modules, and find it’s not for you, contact us for a full refund less the costs of course materials mailed to you, shipping and a $10 administrative fee.

NOTE: This Certification is for those serious about success. If you enroll with the intent to “check it out” rather than fully implement the teachings, then this Certification is not for you. 

Is a payment plan option available?

Yes. We know you have a business to run, which is why we offer a 3 month payment plan as well as the lower-priced one-time tuition option.

Simply click the payment plan link placed below the one-time tuition at the checkout box above. 

NOTE: the limited 7-day action-oriented money back guarantee applies to both tuition payment options.

What Restrictions Are There as a CJT When Promoting Myself?

Once qualified you are an independent Certified Juice Therapist (CJT) and are able to use the term Juice Guru Certified Juice Therapist (CJT), including the logo to promote your own business endeavors in as far as you can say you have qualified as a Juice Guru Certified Juice Therapist (CJT). You are free to use the “Juice Guru CJT badge” to promote yourself.

You can also say that you have completed the Juice Guru Certification Program®, which has been accredited by the CMA®.

WHAT YOU MAY NOT DO is use the Juice Guru®Juice Guru International®Steve Prussack, or Juice Guru® Advisory Board Members’ names in any way whatsoever to advertise or promote your business. This includes ALL Juice Guru International® branding, logos and recipes. By completing this course, you can in no way claim that you are affiliated with Juice Guru®Steve Prussack, or any Member(s) of the Juice Guru® Advisory Board, or are an employee or representative of Juice Guru International®.

FINAL RESTRICTIONS AND RESERVATION OF RIGHTS: Graduates of the Juice Guru® Certification Program, while not explicitly affiliated with Juice Guru International®, do represent the Juice Guru® brand in as far as the level of professionalism with which they conduct their business(es). Juice Guru International® therefore reserves the right to revoke any certification if it determines that a particular business is being run in an unprofessional manner or in a manner contrary to the teachings and principles of the Juice Guru® Certification Program.

The juice guru institute library

Juice Guru Book

Juice Guru

JGI founder Steve Prussack’s #1 Amazon Bestselling book illustrates and explains how just one, well-timed, fresh juice a day can transform health. Going one step further, it helps unravel and apply the science of creating a habit, assuring that juicing becomes easy and enjoyable for life.

Juicing Journal

JGI founder Steve Prussack’s Juicing Journal is the tool that can empower you to reach and maintain your ideal weight, look and feel decades younger, clear away the brain fog and protect yourself from certain diseases. Features over 50 of our most popular juice & smoothie recipes!

Idiot's Guide

JGI founder Steve Prussack’s classic book. Juice fasting can be a powerful, life-changing practice that does absolute wonders for the body. Includes over 75 fantastically delicious and powerful juice recipes that will help you fully recognize the transformational benefits of the juice fast.

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Interactive mockup
Interactive mockup

The Juice Guru Certification Program

We are here to support you on your journey to empower others with the magic and power of juicing.


We are the first accredited and fully-virtual Juice Therapy Certification Program in the world.

Rise Above

We successfully teach our students how to use juicing to stand out in the overcrowded wellness space.

WOW Factor

We’re so much more than an online school…

How to Raise Money for your Juice Bar/ Truck or Delivery Service

How to Raise Money for your Juice Bar/ Truck or Delivery Service

You know that you will need funds to get your Juicing Bar business up and running. You may have Certified Juice Therapist’s qualifications, but you still need to get the cash to establish your dream business. One funding source isn’t better than any other. Your decision will have a lot to do with your risk tolerance and the different contingencies you have in place. Read on to find out some of your funding sources and how they might help.

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Meet Juice Guru Institute Founder Steve Prussack

Steve Prussack has been a leading figure in the wellness industry for almost 3 decades.  

An author of two bestselling books on juicing, he developed The Juice Guru Method® and is the founder of the accredited Juice Guru Certification Program where he helps wellness entrepreneurs monetize their businesses by becoming Certified Juice Therapists.

Steve’s mission is to empower you with easy to implement daily tools to help use juicing to catapult your wellness practice and stand out from the crowd.

Steve is the bestselling author of “The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Juice Fasting” and “Juice Guru: Transform Your Life by Adding One Juice a Day”.

Juice Guru Institute Medical Advisory Board

Medical Advisor

Dr. Joel Fuhrman, MD

Medical Advisor

Dr. Joel Kahn,

Medical Advisor

Dr. Pankaj Vij,

Medical Advisor

Dr. Gabriel Cousens,

Imagine What You Can Create!

Already a juice addict and want to grow your passion for health into a soul-satisfying career as a Certified Juice Therapist?

  Imagine being paid while helping others get healthy the natural way!

Imagine What You Can Create!

Already a juice addict and want to grow your passion for health into a soul-satisfying career as a Certified Juice Therapist?

  Imagine being paid while helping others get healthy the natural way!