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Specializing In Juicing Is The Key To Transform Your Wellness Passion Into

A Thriving Business That Heals, Awakens And Energizes Everyone You Serve.

We know because we’ve done it.

Our story starts in the time of fad diets, processed foods, and the “fat-free” craze when we sought a way to bring to the world the power of Juice.

And it continues every single day with over 1500 Certified Juice Therapists … across the U.S. and in a dozen countries around the world… building successful juice businesses in their communities and online.



Steve is the Juice Guru – the man behind the magic of juicing who has carefully crafted his expertise from decades of experience.

He first partnered with Jay Kordich – the original Juiceman – and has since gone on to develop The Juice Guru Method® that’s responsible for tens of thousands of transformations (and more added every single day).

Steve Is The World’s Most Sought After Expert

In training other health entrepreneurs to use juicing as the foundation of a successful and thriving natural health business.

Steve has built multiple successful wellness businesses from powerful online summits to a #1 digital magazine and passes on his marketing know-how to the students of Juice Guru Institute

… so we can change the world one juice at a time.

We Believe In Creating Magic That

Impacts The Whole World

As bestselling authors and creators of life-changing wellness programs, we’ve shined the light to improve the health of tens of thousands.

And for over a decade through the Juice Guru Institute, we light the torches of thousands of Certified leaders around the globe, so that each can magnify our impact with the power of juice.

We believe together we can make a difference AND create wealth that helps us broaden our collective impact at the same time.

We Believe In The

WOW Factor

Is Such A Short And Simple Word…

But with so much power

We strive to go beyond what’s expected. We are not an average Institute, our programs are not average, and we want to empower you to always deliver the WOW factor to everyone you work with.