Build a Thriving Wellness Business With the Power of Juice

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Juicing for Profits

Steve talks with RJ Monae, CEO of Juiced Obsessions. RJ shares how after struggling with health issues and losing her mom, a phrase on a late-night infomercial changed her life. After beginning to juice her vegetables and experiencing the difference in health and well-being, RJ began sharing her juicing wisdom with her loved ones and building a business centered on wellness and juicing before finally becoming a Certified Juice Therapist through Juice Guru Institute. RJ shares what the future holds for her and Juiced Obsessions, what makes a good leader, and the two life lessons she values most.

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From Catering to Juice Therapy

Steve talks with Florence Onafuwa, We Yone Kontri Kitchen owner and recent Certified Juice Therapist program graduate. Florence discusses her inspiring mission to share the health benefits of juicing with her loved ones, what she learned in Juice Guru’s program and her plans for tying her juice coaching business into her existing catering kitchen. Florence also shares some delicious ideas for adding African fruits and vegetables into recipes that you won’t be able to wait to try! This special episode provides a unique look at what a brand-new certified juice therapist learned in the program and how they plan to implement juice therapy.

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Badass Juicing Mom Starts a Juice Revolution

After breastfeeding two children back-to-back, Evie was looking for a healthy way to return to taking care of her body and mind. After discovering the effect juicing had on her energy levels, gut health, and mental well-being, Evie found the Juice Guru Institute, became a certified juice therapist and began sharing her message with women worldwide.

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Journey with Juicing

After suffering a heart attack before age 30, Alton knew he needed to make a drastic change if he wanted his life to have an Act 2. He switched to a plant-based diet, lost 100 pounds, and weaned himself off seven heart medications in a year.

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