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Avocado Boats



These avocado boats are terrific as a snack or a meal. They’re cheesy, filling, and simple and highly addictive! Kids love them, too (maybe without the cayenne), so serve up a plate for the whole family.
AU: “I loved cayenne as a kid! Other kids might love it, too.”


3 medium to large avocados, pitted
½ tsp. Himalayan or Celtic sea salt
2 TB. nutritional yeast flakes
Pinch cayenne
½ tsp. nama shoyu (optional)


1. Peel avocados, slice in half, and remove pits.
2. Sprinkle Himalayan sea salt, nutritional yeast flakes, and cayenne into hollow of each half.
3. Sprinkle nama shoyu (if using) over each avocado boat, and serve.

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