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Hosted by Steve Prussack, author of the bestselling books, “Juice Guru: Transform Your Life by Adding One Juice a Day” and “The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Juice Fasting.”

You’ll find out how the power and magic of juicing can change your life today. Each episode features special guest leaders in the juicing movement.

Most Popular Shows:

Learn From Juiceman Jay Kordich

Dr. Gabriel Cousens

How Juicing Cleanses the Body

Learn From Dr. Joel Fuhrman

Markus Rothkranz

Make Your Dreams Come True

Learn From Cliff Dumas

Juicemaster Jason Vale

Get More Energy with Juicing

Learn From Dr. Steven Bailey

Chef Babette Davis

How to Increase Longevity

Learn From Tina Leigh

JP Sears

How to Be More Spiritual

Learn From Mark Reinfeld

Talia Pollock

How to Be a FUN Vegan

Learn From Dr. Joel Fuhrman

Dr. Joel Fuhrman

Grow Your Movement

Learn From Amber Sears

Amber Sears

How to Use Plant Medicine

Learn From Professor Spira

Professor Spira

Healing with the Mucus-Free Lifestyle

Learn From Dr. Gabriel Cousens

Sandra Joseph

Lessons from Broadway

Learn From Dr. Joel Fuhrman

Chef Del Sroufe

How to Eat More Plant Foods

Learn From Chef Babette Davis

Charlotte Gerson

The Gerson Way to Health

Learn From Professor Spira

Dotsie Bausch

Building Muscle on a Vegan Diet

Learn From Juiceman Jay Kordich

Julie Ward

Spirituality of Vegan Food 

Learn From Bo Rinaldi

Dr. Joel Kahn

A Vegan Way to a Healthy Heart

Learn From Dr. Jameth Sheridan

Dr. J. Sheridan

How to Become a Vegan Expert

Latest Shows:

All About Juicing

All About Juicing

Juice Guru Steve Prussack shares with us how to get started juicing and defines the Juice Guru Method that can help you get lean, energized, clear the brain fog and lift you from depression.

Quick Vegan Meals in 30 Minutes

Quick Vegan Meals in 30 Minutes

Megan Sadd, author of the 30 Minute Vegan Dinners and the Creator of Carrots & Flowers, one of the top plant-based cooking channels on Facebook shares with us her advice for people who are just beginning to explore plant-based food.

Juicing and Essential Oils

Juicing and Essential Oils

Danielle Sade author of The Aromatherapy Beauty Guide shares with us how to revolutionize our life by showing us the simplicity in making our own natural skin care products.

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