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Bone Broth is NOT like Juice

Everywhere you look today, people are swearing by the magic of bone broth. Moms have even dedicated full websites to the splendors of raising their young kids on this latest trend. That’s a really scary thought though … in light of the findings of a new study …

A recent study has proven that bone broth – even when made from the bones of organic, free-range chickens – contains “remarkably high” levels of lead.

Why? Because lead bio-accumulates in our bones and, naturally, in the bones of other birds and animals. Unlike many other toxins, lead doesn’t leave the body easily. It can take upwards of 30 years to “get the lead out.” In the meantime, it gathers together and hangs out in your bones (or, of course the bones of chickens), releasing free radicals and causing havoc on your body systems.

Worst of all, lead causes often IRREVERSIBLE damage to the brain, causing lower intelligence and function, as well as suppression of  your immune system.

Dr. Michael Greger sums it up in the following video. Definitely have look if you or someone you love is into this new (and dangerous) “health” trend.


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