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Develop Your Emotional Intelligence to Enhance Your Wellness Business

Emotional intelligence (EQ) has moved from being a buzzword trend to being proven that it undoubtedly advances individuals and business success outcomes. 

It is an essential skill to have in the professional world if you want to develop a meaningful business that is successful and contributes to the greater good.

In the competitive wellness industry, it is essential for your success to improve your EQ. 

Let’s look at some of the skills you can develop to boost your EQ.

1.  Assertive Communication

Emotionally intelligent people have honed their communication skills to express their opinions, ideas, and requirements clearly, directly, and respectfully. They don’t come across as aggressive or passive. This allows them to minimize conflict but also not be walked over like a doormat.

2.  Respond rather than react

People with emotional intelligence do not succumb to emotional or angry outbursts during conflict or challenging experiences. They put themselves into a space where they don’t make reckless decisions or jump to irrational conclusions. They have developed ways to stay calm during stressful situations. This means the focus of the conflict or challenge is moved from ‘reacting to the problem’ to ‘finding a resolution.’

3.  Build Active Listening Skills

People who have developed their EQ listen to others to seek clarity. They spend their time understanding what is being said before replying. They recognize nonverbal communication cues and are willing to ask relevant questions to understand fully what the other party is trying to express. This prevents misunderstanding and shows respect to who they are speaking with.

4.  Develop Self-Motivation

Emotionally intelligent people have well-developed intrinsic and extrinsic motivation. They believe in themselves, stay inspired and keep going. You see it come through when they show grit and determination, despite the challenges. They have learned how to simplify so they can focus their energy, break down their goals into small, manageable steps, but they also don’t overinflate their expectations. Self-motivated people always surround themselves with supportive people and can ask for help when they need it.

5.  Protect Your Positive Mindset

Arrogance and negativity seep into the environment like toxic waste and infects all those who come into contact. Emotionally intelligent people are aware of others’ moods and control their attitudes and behaviors accordingly. They know what is required of them to have a great experience and remain optimistic, despite others around them.  

6.  Become Self-Aware

Emotionally intelligent people have self-awareness. They are confident in trusting themselves. Most importantly, they are mindful of their emotions and understand precisely how their attitudes and behaviors can affect and influence the people around them. People with well-developed EQ can also attune to others’ emotions and behaviors to enhance their personal interactions. 

7.  Don’t take things personally

People with well-developed EQ can take criticism. They do not become immediately offended or defensive. They take a step back to understand the criticism and how they can productively resolve issues. The key they hold is being able to identify the difference between constructive and destructive criticism and never making it about them as a person, rather about behavior and actions that can be changed if needed.

8.  Cultivate Empathy

Emotionally intelligent people know how to empathize with themselves and others. They understand it shows strengths, not a display of vulnerability. They have a sense of curiosity, ask better questions, and are willing to examine their own biases. Empathy facilitates their relationship with others, so they can connect even across differing opinions or beliefs. 

9.  Expand Your Leadership Skills

They go out and willingly learn and nurture their leadership skills. Taking time to analyze their strengths and weaknesses and work with others to complement each other’s talents. Great leaders will always have high personal standards, keep learning and are self-aware so they can make good decisions and rock their problem-solving skills consistently.  

10.  Increase Your Approachability 

Emotionally intelligent people are approachable. They smile and exude an optimistic, welcoming, and non-judgemental vibe. They utilize their broad range of interpersonal skills to effectively communicate with others in numerous social situations. Generally, they make others feel comfortable.

While for some people, EQ comes naturally, for most of us, we have to develop the skills. By developing these skills, you will increase your emotional intelligence and have better relationships with those around you and improve your business and leadership in the wellness industry.


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