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Today is an important day here at Juice Guru… the most important day of the year.

You see, our greatest mission is working to be sure EVERYONE has access to nutritious food.

And sadly, many communities are suffering right now…

You’d be shocked when you find out how many people don’t have access to fresh fruits and vegetables…

You know, the food that nourishes our bodies!

Nature’s pharmacy.

That’s why we donate to our partner WhyHunger every year…

And today, we are doing something extra special with YOU as part of their Hungerthon 2022 drive!

We encourage you to be part of our bigger mission… because we know you’re like us, passionate about changing the world.

Juice Guru Institute is going to match every donation from our loving community to Hungerthon 2022 up to $10,000.

Join us in opening your heart to those most in need so together, we can all experience a grateful Thanksgiving.

WhyHunger is offering some incredible limited edition gifts from musicians such as Bruce Springsteen, John Lennon and more.

Plus, if you join us on this mission, we are going to gift you with one of our Juice Guru life-changing programs…

No matter how much you donate!

Donate now and your gift to fight hunger will be doubled by Juice Guru Institute!



Hungerthon is about people giving back in gratitude to build a stronger future. Today, radio personalities, listeners, volunteers, celebrities, and people like you are coming together to fight hunger in America.

With your support, WhyHunger will continue to invest in lasting solutions to hunger that empower communities and bring fresh, nutritious food to those who need it most.

This is what The Juice Revolution is all about! And that’s why we’re in this together!!

To receive your life-changing Juice Guru Program along with our matching dollars, reply to this email with a screenshot of your heartfelt donation.

Together, we can change the world… one healthy juice at a time.

Thank YOU for being on this journey… and part of this important movement.


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