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Juicing on a Budget

One of the top reasons people give for not Daily Juicing is that it’s just “too expensive.”

Well…it is true that you could choose to buy a $2400 juicer and juice only exotic produce that costs a fortune. Or you could buy all of your juices from a stylish juice bar.

Either way, there’s not a strong likelihood that you will end up making a sustainable life change.

But these aren’t your only options when it comes to juicing. Juice Guru is dedicated to helping every person get healthy through daily juicing.

To aid in that mission, here are our top 4 suggestions for juicing on a budget:

1. Juicer Idea:

The Tribest Slowstar Juicer is our number one pick for the best quality juicer you can buy at a reasonable price (a.k.a. the best “bang for the buck” with the greatest range of use).  This link gets you the juicer along with our gift package for members of our juice guru tribe.

2. Juicer Idea:

If you still want a top-of-the-line juicer, but just aren’t willing to pay the large price tag (as high as several thousand), try visiting Craig’s list, eBay, or local estate sales.

You can also try contacting the manufacturer and see if they have any refurbished machines. Chances are, you can find a good price on a used juicer.

3. Produce/Recipe Idea:

When you first start juicing, we recommend that you not jump right into wildly different juices every day. Juicing this way can lead to a lot of wasted produce.

For example, a recipe could call for only a few carrots out of a bunch or a half a cucumber. If you move on to a grape, pineapple, ginger juice the next day and an apple, lemon, cinnamon juice the day after that, the left-over produce will end up in your compost. Similarly, if you are not familiar with your particular juicer, you may be over-purchasing produce even if you are sticking exactly to a recipe.

We recommend that you try instead to select one basic juice – like apple, celery, spinach. Make that juice every day for a week, but add to or change the ingredients slightly each day for a different taste and nutritional boGreen Juiceost. See our Juice Guru Daily Classic for our recommended “template” juice.

4. Recipe Ideas:

The Father of Juicing, Jay Kordich, cured himself of a cancerous tumor in his twenties by drinking nothing but carrot apple juice. If your budget is constrained, we recommend taking a trip to Costco and purchasing organic apples and carrots in bulk. We can’t imagine a more economical way to get your Daily Juice.

Still, think Daily Juicing is too expensive? If you are stuck on that notion, then we challenge you to consider the following: according to WebMD, the average American woman and man spend $58,874 and $43,794, respectively, on medications in his/her lifetime; total yearly sales for synthetic vitamin supplements (which are not nearly as potent or easily-assimilated as fresh juice) tops hundreds of billions; and, overall, the average American spends over $8,000 every year in healthcare.

The truth is, there is no price for aging with health and grace – naturally – or being a healthy lover – without taking pills – or preventing disease before it starts.
Would you put a price tag on your health? We didn’t think so.

Here’s to your health (at a reasonable price)!


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