Tribute to Dr. Jameth Sheridan, the Ultimate Health Warrior

Tribute to Dr. Jameth Sheridan, the Ultimate Health Warrior

Dr. Jameth SheridanA true Health Warrior, Dr. Jameth Sheridan, recently passed away. And I am struggling to find the words to pay him tribute….

To me, Jameth was more than just a leader in the health movement, an inspiration and guiding light…

He was a friend.

I first met Dr. Jameth Sheridan over ten years ago when I had the opportunity to interview him on my first radio show…

I can remember his passion… his strong spirit… and his commitment to spread a message that transcended far beyond food.

That is the Jameth I remember… and thankfully I have many of his interviews to share so that his message resonates in years to come.

Dr. Jameth Sheridan was like a human computer… artfully combining facts with passion to show us another way to transform our lives with real food and nutrition …

and reach a state of health that can be only be stated as “transcending.”

He was a gifted teacher and speaker. I have been honored to feature many great men and women on my shows and summits over the years. None have received the passionate acclaim of my fans like Dr. Sheridan. People loved him. And his words resonated with them.

Dr. Jameth Sheridan put the needs of others before himself.  He was perhaps the most compassionate and generous person I have ever met.

In private conversations, Dr. Sheridan would share with me his ultimate mission… to create a vegan world…

a world where we aren’t dependent on animals for food…

a world where we aren’t victim to the propaganda put forth by the meat and dairy industry touting their newest caveman diet…

a world where we live and let live, and are rewarded with superior health.

His love for others was his mission, and his spent countless hours researching the latest studies on the foods that both prevent and lead to sickness and disease.

Dr. Jameth Sheridan lived his message… even though he was born with a body that would ultimately fail at a younger age.

I was able to pay a visit to Jameth’s bedside in his final days… I was awarded the opportunity to thank him for all he brought to this planet, while reminding him how much more he still has to share…

And he does still have much to share. I want to thank Dr. Sheridan for leaving us with a wealth of knowledge, understanding and wisdom that we can pass on in the work that we do…

His spirit will live on in our work at Juice Guru and our programs that he remains a part of…

Goodbye, my dear friend. Rest in peace.

UPDATE: Kim Sheridan’s statement MUST BE SHARED WIDE. Warning: This is a heart-wrenching and difficult read. What bravery from Kim Sheridan. Our heart goes out to her at this time of mourning.

If you haven’t been fortunate enough to hear Dr. Sheridan speak, or if you just want to be reminded of his greatness, listen to my last interview with Dr. Sheridan here:




  1. Babette davis

    Such a beautiful memory, thank you Steve!!

  2. JP

    Jameth was one of the greatest men on earth. He wrote the book on integrity and generosity. The planet, animals and his friends will miss him dearly.
    We can honor his mission by leading a loving kind lifestyle and doing what is right. We need to continue to support his company Health Force.
    Thank you Steve for being there for him.


  3. Trisha

    Wow, how lucky you are to have been his friend. And how lucky the rest of us are to benefit from his life improving knowledge. Thank you for sharing this interview in tribute to him. I’ll raise my next glass of nature’s elixir to toast Dr. Jameth’s contribution to our world!

  4. Dorrie

    I didn’t know either of these men personally. However I purchased their
    products early on to improve my health. Dr. Jameth Sheridan product powders I have been utilize for my family, including my companions, for over 10 years, and it is prolonging my pet companion, now w/ liver cancer, without cancer treatments.

    Sproutman, and his books, and products of sprouting seeds, have benefit me greatly, to consume food differently and to continue the sprouting and juicing, for many years.

    As a excellent resources, I have preached to many other vegetarians, as well as vegans, about the better ways of achieving optimal health, by utilizing both products. They both will be surely missed for years.
    And thank you and your wife, for letting us know about these 2 GREAT creators, who cared for all people and our society ! Kudo’s to you too!
    Farewell to two of the Best !


  5. Flowers

    I remember when I first met Jameth at the animal rights conference I think in 96. He was playing guitar and Kim and he were singing. So sweet. Through the years we’d meet and it was always so lovely. He would buy more than anyone EVER bought from Eatopia our restaurant and he tipped more too. Gentle generous soul. I invited him to New Zealand and I’m trying to find that email. I remember he said they were too busy to go.

    I’ve been choked with tears.

    So sorry for your lost of a good friend and husband.

  6. Sandi Miller

    So Sad.. I am so sorry for Kim.. the unbearable pain she endured.. thank the Lord she has her mom to help her through.. She will see him and be with him again..
    when Jesus returns to this earth and makes all things new, every man and every woman will be honorable and noble as Jameth was while he was here..

  7. Faye

    I would disagree. Losing a child is the worst thing that a human being can experience. But grief can’t be measured I guess. I just wish she had more faith in the things that she learned about the afterlife that could have been such a comfort to her. Unfortunately we have lost a lot of health pioneers and it hits you really hard that we should always honor our bodies and our mission in life, but that does not exempt us from the woes of being human. It does seem selfish to keep his passing from the world as he was loved by many. Even though he was her life partner, no one’s soul belongs to anyone. Some people have lost their children, their spouses and had untold suffering in this world. I still don’t get it, but I hope she can realize the time of transition into the next world, in my opinion, is decided before we come into this incarnation. I grieve for my son everyday of the rest of my life and I will never be the same because there is a big hole in my heart. But I also take comfort in knowing that this is one of many lifetimes and our spirit family will reunite and after my son transitioned he let me know that his spirit was still alive.


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