Build a Thriving Wellness Business With the Power of Juice

Seed Saving for a Healthy Future with Jill Henderson

During this masterclass, you’ll find out how to use your heirloom seeds for your home garden.

Join us with Jill Henderson, author of “The Garden Seed Saving Guide: Easy Heirloom Seeds for the Home Gardener”.

You’ll find out:

• Anyone can save their own seed – even kids!

• Seed saving can save you LOTS of money

• Avoid GMO’s by saving your own seed

• Knowing how to save seed could save your life (disaster survival tool)

• The seeds you save are great for growing sprouts, micro-greens, and juicing

• By saving seed, you can help preserve the genetic diversity of food crops worldwide

About the guest:

Jill Henderson is an author, artist, backwoods herbalist, and world traveler with a penchant for wild edible and medicinal plants, culinary herbs, and natural ecology. She is a long-time contributor to Llewellyn’s Herbal Almanac, a regular columnist for Acres USA magazine, and the author and editor of Show Me Oz, a weekly blog filled with in-depth articles on gardening, seed saving, homesteading, wild-crafting, edible and medicinal plants, herbs, nature and more. For over 25 years, Jill has been an organic gardener, seed saver and passionate advocate for sustainable agriculture. She regularly writes about the current global challenges presented by bio-engineered food crops and gives public presentations and workshops on how gardeners and small farmers can avoid GMOs and save money by saving their own open-pollinated and heirloom seeds. Jill has authored three books, The Healing Power of Kitchen Herbs: Growing & Using Nature’s Remedies, A Journey of Seasons: A Year in the Ozarks High Country, and The Garden Seed Saving Guide: Easy Heirloom Seeds for the Home Gardener. Connect with Jill at


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