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Hey there, Juice Guru Steve & Julie Prussack here with you again and today’s fast video is the world’s quickest juices.

Maybe even the idea of making just one juice a day might seem overwhelming if you’re really new to it or if you’re busy like me. So I made this doodle today and I hope I could share it with you.

This is me. This is me usually, right? So it’s me. I am always balancing my work. I work for Juice Guru, I have my own job, I also worked with, you know, no work with, but I have our family, our dog henry, the house, blah, blah, blah, so you could probably relate.

Haha.. Get rid of that! We need energy for that. That’s also why we need a juice every day…. But. This really, literally is the world’s quickest juice right here. Another one of Julie doodles, right? We call these Julie doodles.

This right, here all you need. You don’t need a juicer. Like we said. 32 ounce purified water.

We add one juice of a squeezed lemon right in there. A pealed squeezed lemon. Two tablespoons apple cider vinegar. One tablespoon of maple syrup and what I like to add in is a dash of cayenne pepper, which is great for blood circulation and adds a little kick to it.

Mix that all together and boom, this really is the world’s quickest juice and it’s no excuse juicing, right Julie? We got another one for you too though.

That’s right. It’s got a lot of nutrition in that. And more than that, it is a great place holder when you’re trying to establish your juice a day habit, you don’t want to skip a day ever. So no excuse to do that, now you have this in your pocket.

No excuses for your daily juice. The second one uses a juicer, but it only takes 15 minutes to make the juice and clean up start to finish.

You’ve got 15 minutes in the morning, you can do this. It only has two or three ingredients here, and i’m gonna share the magical time saver in a minute but go ahead babe. So first you want to have about three juicy red apples.

Really delicious. Very easy to prep, very easy to clean. And then, of course, one lemon.

Really easy to prep and also easy to clean up afterwards. And then the magical ingredient, we get this at any supermarket is the done for you triple-washed greens. Were using the spinach here, but you can get them in any..

You can get kale, chard, anything triple-washed and organic. We just throw it in by the handful and this saves time. Nothing to wash, nothing to clean, boom! Right? Very easy start to finish.

Julie. What do you think? I mean, back in 1985, right? This isn’t the kind of stuff we were playing around with when we dated back then, is it? No for us. A quick fix was to run down to the diner in new jersey and get gravy fries.

So and now here we are in our fifties and feel amazing and never imagined 2020 to be what it is now. So sign up for the juice-a-day challenge at and we’ll see in the members area because these really are the world’s quickest juices.

There’s no excuse not to do it. It’s a no-brainer. Easy, of course the challenge includes recipes, shopping guides, our motivation, support videos, interaction with the community all over the world. So join us there, right, baby, that’s right. And in fact tomorrow we’re gonna be back with another video.

We’re gonna show you how you could do it even if you don’t have a juicer at all with your beat-up old blender. So there are no obstacles, only opportunities.

Let’s do it. 2020’s a new year. Let’s do this… Let’s do this together.

Let’s do it together.



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