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Your Intuition

Your Intuition is the Key to Freedom, Peace, Magic, and Miracles with Gia George

During this masterclass, you’ll find out about your intuition and how to use it to transform your life.

Join us with Gia George, yoga & meditation teacher.

You’ll find out:

  • What your intuition is
  • How to follow it
  • How your suffering can be transformed into peace, freedom, magic & miracles in this process

About our Guest:

Gia George is a yoga & meditation teacher, spiritual coach, singer-songwriter, sound healer, and spiritual creator. She loves teaching about spiritual growth, hearing your higher guidance, and energy healing, while empowering others to find their own sole purpose and inner magic. She creates inspirational videos on her YouTube channel, teaches live workshops, writes and records guided meditations, and creates healing music to compliment her creations. Her highest honor would be to empower others to follow the divine light of their own wise souls.


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