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Build a Brand For Your Juicing Business

Brand Identity

A business brand is essential for your juicing business. It establishes a connection with your customers, differentiates you from your competitors, and enhances your service or product value. It also allows you to define your identity, confidently promote and establish trust with your customers.

Your brand is the way your juicing business lives in the mind of your customer.

It’s not just the visual representation of the company in the form of your logo. It’s about how the customer feels – your visceral effect on them and how they experience your business.
But to be successful at business branding, you must articulate what your business is about in a way that speaks to your potential and current customers.

A good business brand will connect you with your audience. Your brand is a crucial touchpoint. A great brand will entice customers because it feels ‘right’ to them.

Branding is your opportunity to speak with your customer through emotions. You want them to choose your product because it suits their needs and desires.

A product or service that is well branded can encourage people to perceive there is additional value through brand promise. But the perception must match up to the actual experience; otherwise, you won’t get any repeat business.
There are a few essential tenets that you need to address when you are creating your business brand. You must invest time and energy into establishing a brand; otherwise, it will be disjointed and fall flat.

It’s often useful to get yourself a blank book to collate your thoughts and ideas in one place. This process takes time and can’t be done in one sitting. Keep it with you all the time, so you don’t miss any nuggets of gold.

Here are a few of the things you need to consider when creating a stellar brand.

Business Brand Values

The first part of this journey is to crystalize what your brand’s values are. The brand’s values often reflect your personal values. Identify the values which are especially true to you.

Deeply consider your juice business values. As a company, what will you value? As a Juice Guru® Certified Juice Therapist, what are your values? Health, wellbeing, empowerment, community, transparency? Are they reflecting you and your life experience?

That isn’t the end, though.

It’s not enough to think up some well-meaning words and display them on your wall for all to see. You have to consider how your values will relate to your customers. How are you going to show your consumers these values? What practical actions will you use to demonstrate these values through the way you conduct your business? Brainstorm ideas you will be able to implement when your business is up and running.

What is your mission?

For your mission to work, you have to step aside and not make the mission about yourself and the good you want to do in the world. It is more than that. It’s about how you can set your business up to be the bridge that gets your customer from where they are now to their end goal.

Let’s face it; most people interested in juicing are looking to achieve health and wellbeing on some level. They are your target market.

Ask yourself:

How is my business going to make my customer’s journey to ultimate health and wellbeing happen?

It would be best to find the emotional cord that resonates with your customer to bring them through the door and keep coming back. Write it down and keep it front and center to remind you of the key driver behind the business.

What is Unique about your Business Brand?

This idea can be scary because not everyone likes to be different. People often balk at putting their unique attributes forward because it puts them in the firing line of criticism.

But, being remarkable and unique is what propels people to share your business with others.

Some ideas to get you started are – stepping forward and declaring what you believe about health and wellbeing. Or making it evident how you can help your customer uniquely achieve their goal.

Don’t deny or ignore the distinctive way in which you serve your community. It is often this trait that keeps bringing people back through the door.

Business Brand Personality

How do you communicate your values? How do you talk to your customers? Your communication reflects your personality, and it goes a long way in helping to build trust.

Your personality is conveyed through the voice of the writing at the brand touchpoints such as menus, notice boards, pamphlets, etc. It can also be expressed in the way the staff communicates and interacts with your customers.

It’s a good idea to document the brand personality to be easily conveyed to new staff to keep the brand consistent. It will also be needed to give to designers who help formulate your brand’s other visual elements.

Work towards establishing a consistent brand personality. When you build a cohesive, clear, and unique brand, people will trust you and are more likely to engage with your business. If there’s a cut off between the brand personality and the actual experience, customers will not return.

Visual Aspects of your Business Brand

The visual aspects are what most people consider to be ‘a brand.’ But the truth is, it should be your last consideration. To have a consistent and cohesive business brand, it’s best to explore all the other elements discussed to ensure you can place the brand’s values, personality, and uniqueness into its visual components. These components include:

  • Logo
  • Colour palette – primary and secondary colors
  • Fonts
  • Image filters

If you have the previous brand attributes clear, it is easy to design your business brand’s visual aspects. And if you aren’t that way inclined, hand it off to a designer in one of the many online freelance platforms. Now that you have the brand values, business mission, personality, and uniqueness sorted, it will be easy for someone to deliver a visual representation that speaks to your customers.

Remember, branding is the most valuable yet intangible aspect of your business. It can make or break your company.


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