How to Set Up a Pop-Up Juice Bar

It’s the era of pop-up shops and that means a big YES to the idea you have for your pop-up juice bar. They are everywhere – from the local street vendor van, the marquee at the farmers market, to the more established retail outlets that are renting out premium floor space for a pittance.

So why not capitalize on delivering more health-conscious choices.

If you’re not sure, pop-up shops are essentially a temporary retail space that you can use to promote and sell your juice. They come in many forms to take advantage of the different customers you are targeting.…the main feature is – they are short term and inexpensive to set up.

Considering the current times, NOW is definitely ripe for setting up a pop-up juice bar.

There are many reasons why you would be exploring this option…It could be because you want to try your hand at the juice bar business before signing for a more permanent lease. You might not have the finances needed to get a brick and mortar business off the ground, so need a cheaper yet viable alternative. Maybe you are looking to supplement your income as a health coach? You might already have a home-based juice delivery business and want to expand into new markets.

These are all valid and worthy reasons to set up your own successful pop-up juice bar.

Benefits of Pop-up Juice Bars

Let’s list some of the ways;

  • They allow people to save money, with pop-up rents are significantly lower than standard rates.
  • They include short-term leases that are less risky.
  • You have a chance to raise awareness of your product and build brand loyalty by being a traveling show.
  • It may help you by adding a revenue stream to your online or bricks and mortar business.
  • You can test locations and products and get feedback before committing to something more permanent.
  • Your product and location can be changed easily, depending on feedback and sales.
  • Opportunity to trial new product lines.
  • Gives expansion opportunities in new suburbs or communities.
  • Starting a pop-up juice bar could prove extremely lucrative due to the low overheads and start-up fees.

So, we don’t need to do any more convincing. Let’s look at the steps you will need to take to set up your own pop-up juice bar.

Let’s Get this Show on the Road

Make sure it’s legal

First up, there are some administrative things to get sorted. Create an eye-catching name for your juice bar, then register it. You should then work on getting your food handler’s permit, sales tax permit, federal tax ID, liability insurance, and mobile food service license (if required).

What’s on the Menu

Experiment and trial your juice combinations on unsuspecting family and friends. Know their health benefits so you can sell them more effectively. It would help if you also acquaint yourself with popular supplements and antioxidants to enhance your menu offerings.

Keep your selection small with a few ‘high juice yield’ fruits or vegetables as the base. Then bring in the flavors to cater to your customer’s needs. This will keep your costs and spoilage down and efficiency up.

Essential Equipment


Set up a connection and account with local farmers’ markets or retail outlets to buy juicing produce at a wholesale price.


First up, you need to decide what type of pop-up shop you are going to focus on. The type of shop will inform the shelter you need.

Are you looking to be mobile and travel from place to place – serving wherever there is a steady flow of customers? If that is your wish, focus on getting a van or cart. You can fit one out yourself or buy one that is already fitted out. A van can be a substantial cost up-front, but you get versatility and flexibility with this.

If you want to service your local farmers’ market, you need to consider getting an excellent quality marquee and tables if they are not supplied.


A word of warning – you can’t run a successful pop-up juice bar with one juicer. It would be best if you had multiple juicers to spread the load and keep the machine’s lifespans as long as possible. Having numerous juicers will also allow for an efficient production rate when business is booming.

Insider secret – stick to the same make and model. This will give you interchangeable spares in the future.

It would help if you had equipment that gives you maximum flexibility and reliability. Space will be short. Be clear on the type of juice you are going to serve, and this will inform the choice of juicer you will require. Make sure you choose juicers that give you portability, reliability, and high yield in one.


A great blender is required to mix in soft fruits, blend ice, and quickly mix pre-made juice before serving. Try to get a heavy-duty one because they often get bashed around.

Miscellaneous but Important

Think about branded cups, napkins, straws, large buckets to hold ice and pre-made juice, cutting boards, knives, and strainers. Other items will include a menu board, signage for your van or marquee, equipment to make sales, and it’s a good idea to sign up for a merchant account, allowing you to accept credit and debit cards. Don’t lose a sale because someone doesn’t have cash.

Location, location, location

Find a prime location for your pop-up juice bar. Aim for high visibility and convenient access. Prime locations include malls, outside high-density office buildings, hospitals, colleges, government buildings…you get the drift. You can also set up outside tourist attractions and shopping centers and work at the local farmers’ markets and music festivals.

You may have to document a business plan to identify how much traffic you expect to bring in. This can then be presented to the property managers when marketing your pop-up juice shop proposal. It’s best to be prepared.


Make sure you have a banner to use on your pop-up juice bar. Also, flood social media with your locations. Let all the health clubs, office buildings, and small businesses know where you are. Give special opening discounts or use loyalty cards for repeat customers.

The most important part of starting a pop-up juice bar…serve good quality juices at affordable rates, and you will have people clambering over each other to buy your juice. No-one can beat a cold refreshing juice served with a smile secure in the knowledge they are contributing to their own health and well-being.


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