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How To Teach Children about Vegan Diet

How To Teach Children about Vegan Diet

The Help Yourself Cookbook for Kids

Who:  Ruby Roth – World’s leading author and illustrator of vegan and vegetarian books for children

What We Talked About:  How the next generation can benefit from consuming a plant-based diet and inspiration to teach all children around us today.

Why I Like Ruby:  Ruby is articulate, passionate and changing the world one child at a time. I love that she is opening children up to ideas that are hidden by society. She is bold, outspoken and an asset to the health world.

Great Line: Kids are so much smarter than society gives them credit for. I really want to show kids how to love deeply, think critically and act responsibly in the public realm.

Where to Learn More:  http://www.helpyourselfcookbook.com

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