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Plant-Based Fitness

Celebrity bodybuilder Jon Venus shares how he built muscle eating a plant-based diet and jucing.

Episode 4    |    34min

ep. 131: Vegan Meals in 30 Minutes with Megan Sadd

Megan Sadd, author of the 30 Minute Vegan Dinners and the Creator of Carrots & Flowers, one of the top plant-based cooking channels on Facebook shares with us her advice for people who are just beginning to explore plant-based food.

ep. 117: Juice Cleanse Kick-Off

Steve Prussack shares with us the protocol to get started with a Juice Cleanse along with some free juice recipes. He also shares with us the important facts on how to break a cleanse safely and still gain the benefits you received.

ep. 109: The Spirituality of Food with Julie Ward

Food Alchemist Plant-Based Wizard, Julie Ward shares with us the definition of high vibration food, how to know we are eating a high vibrational food from our experience and body response, and how to start our day on a vibrational high and maintain it.

ep. 107: More Love, Less Conflict with Jonathan Robinson

Author Jonathan Robinson shares with us the ways on how to double the love we have in a relationship in just a minute a day, what is the most effective communication method for preventing arguments, why there’s so much polarization in the nation and in marriage, and what can be done about it.

ep. 106: Protein Propaganda with Will Tucker

Founder of WTF! (Will Tucker Fitness), Creator of the WTF! Method™ and Four-Time Natural Bodybuilding Champion, Will Tucker shares with us his journey to a plant-based diet, and how we can build muscle without obsessing over protein.

ep. 104: 30 Years Vegan with Caryn Hartglass

Co-founder of the non-profit Responsible Eating And Living (REAL) Caryn Hartglass shares with us how she overcome advanced ovarian cancer, how diet is not the cure for everything and tips and tricks to get more of those greens in our diet.

ep. 98: Let’s Get Plant-Empowered with Ella Magers

Author Ella Magers shares with us how we will be able to build a healthy relationship with food, our body, and our self. also, to know that disordered eating is not about food, it’s about loving yourself and knowing what you truly care about in life.

ep. 95: Dreams Come True with Markus Rothkranz

Author Markus Rothkranz shares with us how to find the courage to achieve our personal and financial freedom beyond our wildest dreams! and to know that true wellness is so much more than money because this means finding the partner of your dreams and having the freedom to travel and do what you want.

ep. 94: From Anxiety to Love with Corinne Zupko

Corinne Zupko the author of From Anxiety to Love shares with us how to access the Inner Therapist in us, that Inner peace is not an event, but a process, and Non-duality as a different way of seeing the world.

ep. 92: Money, Manifestation & Miracles with Meriflor Toneatto

Author Meriflor Toneatto shares with us about the practical tips for people having money challenges, how to clear emotional blocks around money, the difference between women’s relationship to money and men’s and how women become difference makers when they have money.

ep. 83: Time to Wake Up with Dr. Will Tuttle

During this interview with Dr. Will Tuttle, you’ll discover deep insights into Conscious Eating & Living , Psychological & Spiritual Health, Developing Intuition and the Urgency for fundamental change in our culture.

ep. 82: Turbo Metabolism with Dr. Pankaj Vij

Dr. Vij distills a mass of medical research into a simple, effective program for vibrant health. Avoiding fads and gimmicks, he provides practical advice, case studies of ordinary people, and brief sections that debunk common medical myths.

ep. 62: Eat, Poop, and Make Babies with Henry Owen

During this interview with Henry Owen, author of “How to Start a Worm Bin: Your Guide to Getting Started with Worm Composting”, you’ll learn why you should compost your scraps with a worm bin and how to get started.

ep. 58: Big Love with Scott Stabile

During this interview with Scott Stabile, author of “Big Love: The Power of Living with a Wide-Open Heart”, we discuss why love is our greatest healer and how to befriend our fears.

ep. 56: Towards One Peaceful World

Authors Alex Jack and Sachi Kato show us eating a balanced, plant-based diet is not only the best choice for your health and the planet- these foods are also essential for your mental and emotional well-being.

ep. 49: How Juicing Helped Debra Overcome Cancer

In our Juicy Inspiration series, Debra Staup provides us with the steps she took to overcome a rare pancreatic cancer… with juicing at the front of her recovery to health. Find out the other tools she used to fight this terrible disease.

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