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How to Make Green Smoothies

How to Make Green Smoothies

Ronnie Landis

You’ll find out:

  • how including green smoothies in your diet can lead to weight loss and incredible health
  • how to inspire friends and family towards a healthier lifestyle
  • the importance of proper bowl care
  • crucial steps to take towards a holistic healthy lifestyle
  • how to make 2014 your best year ever and more!

PETRA LOVES KALE!!! And she loves Inspiring, Empowering and Healing people through green smoothies, juicy food and juicy thoughts! She is a national spokesperson for the benefits of green smoothies, fresh juices, raw food, alternative healing, natural beauty and proper bowel care.

She is the founder of GreenSmoothieGangster.com and EatJuicy.com where she shares inspiring, empowering, entertaining videos and posts about health, vitality, stretching, youthening, grounding, healing, longevity, disease prevention and self love!!

Petra is a Raw Vegan Chef, Public Speaker, Health Coach, Juicy Life Activist and Green Smoothie Gangster.

She has coached, inspired and transformed people, including many celebrities all the world.

Follow her to Eat Juicy, Think Juicy and Feel Juicy!!

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