Build a Thriving Wellness Business With the Power of Juice



A Simple Juice Fast

You’ll find out:

  • The benefits of following a 7-day All Juice Diet
  • How to get the nutrition you need drinking just juice
  • The truth about fiber and protein
  • If sugar is dangerous to your health in fresh juices
  • How to whip up easy juice recipes

Sproutman Steve Meyerowitz is a health crusader and author of 10 books including Power Juices Super Drinks, Wheatgrass Nature’s Finest Medicine, Juice Fasting and Detoxification, and Food Combining and Digestion. His most recent book is “Sproutman’s 7 Day Just Juice Diet.” He has been featured on PBS, the Home Shopping Network, TV Food Network, and in Better Nutrition, Prevention, Organic Gardening, and Flower & Garden Magazines. His sprouting inventions, such as the “Hemp Sprout Bag” are sold nationwide.


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