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Starting your own wellness business is never easy. It is grueling and exhausting. You work long hours, your mind doesn’t rest, causing sleepless nights, anxiety, and worry resulting from trying to control every single challenge and that doesn’t include the financial stress.

Keeping yourself in optimal mental health isn’t easy when all of this is happening, but it is necessary if you want your wellness business to succeed. This article will show you how to support yourself when starting a wellness business.

Keeping yourself in optimal mental health isn’t easy when all of this is happening, but it is necessary if you want your wellness business to succeed. This is essential to support yourself when starting a wellness business

The state of our mental health impacts our lives every day, but it is easy to wipe it off the top of our priorities list because there is a lot of stigma around mental illness. It is difficult facing the realities of asking for help, let alone seeking out therapy or medication when it is considered taboo in our society.  

The compounding issue of starting a wellness business is the façade you feel that needs to be maintained. That upbeat, positive attitude all the time. One that you feel you must buy into because so much is on the line.

This isn’t healthy, and you need to treat yourself better; otherwise, you are NOT going to make it. 

Here are three steps to manage your mental health. I’m not going to say they are easy, but they are essential to succeed in this wellness entrepreneurial world.

Actively Manage Your Stress to Support Yourself When Starting a Wellness Business.

I know that this sounds so obvious, but it also feels impossible because you feel like everything depends on you. Family and employees are counting on you to make this work, so you must slave away as hard as you can. Even if it is to exhaustion.

But the fact is, exhaustion doesn’t help anyone. 

It doesn’t help your decision-making or problem solving capabilities, nor your ability to follow through on the important tasks.

Expending mental energy worrying is not only bad for your mental health, but it ruins your physical health as well. It puts you at risk of inflammation, chronic diseases, including cognitive decline.

Yes, you are hearing me correctly; stressing only makes it harder to achieve and succeed in your wellness business.

Managing your stress looks different for everyone. Some people prefer physical exercise, where some sit on a mat and meditate. It doesn’t matter how you manage your stress, but you must do it. 

Manage Your Time and Workload When Starting a Wellness Business.

It may be simple and straightforward in the beginning to have your hand in every decision made and know precisely what is going on. 

But as you grow your wellness business, it will become necessary to learn how to delegate if you want everything to run smoothly. Otherwise, you will start making decisions from a poorly understood and stressed state of mind. This is not good for success.

How to do this? Prioritize the decisions and actions that need your cognitive ability. Figure out what is repetitive and can be done by others. That means you have to learn how to delegate.  

Are there any decisions or activities that you can not do immediately or will need ample time to learn? You should hire a professional. 

Focus on what is within your control and essential for you. Respect yourself, your capabilities, and limitations, and let others take on the roles you don’t need direct involvement in.

You also need to give yourself some downtime to recharge your batteries. 

No-one can keep going at optimal functioning if they are not adequately rested. This isn’t about slacking off. It is about working hard when you can and then stopping and recharging so you can get back to what you truly desire. 

You must figure out a balance of the two that works for you and your family. This should be done before it gets messy and people, including yourself, become resentful for the time you are spending at work. 

Cultivate Self-Compassion When Starting a Wellness Business.

Here is the most critical and important point – you don’t have to be perfect at starting a new wellness business. 

I know you think you need to be perfect and not make any mistakes, but the truth is, we are all imperfect. Every single wellness business owner that has gone before you will happily disclose their pile of errors they had to contend with. If they don’t, they are kidding themselves or ashamed (which isn’t good for their mental health or future success).

Nobody knows everything!

Most of us have faked it till we made it type of people anyway. That’s why we started a business. Because if we knew how hard it was before we took that first step, we probably wouldn’t have started.

You are allowed to make mistakes, take time off to enjoy your success and even pivot if things aren’t working out. It is even more vital that you cultivate self-compassion to deal with all the setbacks you will inevitably face in this wellness industry. 

To succeed, you will be better off playing to your strengths, learning to deal with stress and the incumbent feelings of anxiety that come with entrepreneurship, and finding a way to look after yourself so you can work hard and achieve success.


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