How to Start a Home Juice Business

How to Start a Home Juice Business

How to Start a Home Juice Business

How to Start a Home Juice Business

You might be surprised to find out that all you need to start a home juice business is a commercial juicer, a decent sized kitchen and social media presence or website………..and a little bit of emotional tenacity to work outside your comfort zone. But that’s the secret ingredient to all successful businesses.

But let’s start from the beginning.

As with any home business, the key to success is planning and having the right strategy. You want to ensure that you are prepared to squeeze the maximum profit from every piece of fruit and vegetable you throw in that juicer.

Before we go through the things you will need to start up your home juice business, there’s one thing to remember. It’s up to you to find out what the regulations are around home businesses. If you get big, you may have the FDA on your doorstep asking you to move to a commercial kitchen at some point. But if you get THAT big, that’s something you can afford.

Essentials to Start Your Own Home Juice Business


  • The Perfect Recipes

All you need is a handful of recipes that are tried and tested by your friends and family. You must focus on getting the balance between sweet and sour precisely right.  We include hundreds to choose from in our Juice Guru Certification Program.

A core menu of 6-8 recipes is enough. You’ll want to produce a few straightforward juices, along with a few that have novel sounding names – the hairy hangover cure!

This number of options gives you plenty to promote a full juice cleanse package. However, not so many ingredients that you find it challenging to manage your menu and your overheads. Also, consider having 1-2 wellness shots or nutritional supplement add-ons to increase options.


  • Calculate the Cost of Ingredients

The idea of starting a juice business isn’t only to have delicious recipes. It needs to make you money. That means keeping your ingredients cost down around the 25% mark of the final price to be profitable.

The additional costs you need to consider are packaging. That can add another 5-15% on top, making the total costs of goods to 40%. When running a home juice business, you must keep your cost of goods between 30-40% to make it profitable.


    • The Right Commercial Juicer

    Your equipment is going to be the most significant investment in this business. But you can’t skimp on your commercial juicer. Purchasing a juicer that isn’t rated as commercial (which means can run continuously), you take the risk of spending more on multiple machines, repairs, replacement parts and labor costs. Not to mention the frustration and costs of downtime.

    What you need to consider when buying a juicer:

      1. It needs to be genuine.
      2. It’s NSF certified. The regulations in the US stipulate all commercial food and beverages must be produced on foodservice equipment that is NSF certified.
      3. It can expand with your business. When you invest in a great machine, ask the question whether it will be able to grow with your home juice business.


    • Other Essential Equipment

    Portion scale – this is a digital kitchen scale that is used to weigh ingredients for recipes.

    Quality Containers – using a set of quality products to store juice, produce, and other things are essential.

    An exceptional knife – A razor-sharp knife to quickly chop produce and peel citrus makes a world of difference. A good 6-8 inch knife will be sufficient.

    Cutting boards and other small homewares – These include large metal spoons, a few strainers, and measuring cups and spoons. They’ll make life easier and less messy.


      • Getting Orders

      You will need a way to take orders and the most efficient way to do this is through an online store. With Facebook Shops coming on board, you may be able to set this up as well for free.

      You can’t make an impact without excellent content. Think about getting a food photographer to capture your juices. It’s well worth the investment and will whip up sales. You can also hire someone to do the written content to educate your customers on the benefits of drinking fresh juice.


        • Schedule the Production

        It would be best if you worked out a production schedule before you go live. Home juice business aren’t able to stock juice due to quality concerns. They prefer to take orders and produce the product on a regular schedule. An example of this would be:

        Orders placed Mon-Wed and have the juice distributed on Thursday.

        Orders placed on Thur–Sun and have the juice distributed on Monday.

        Producing a schedule lets you map out your production. This decreases the risk of waste and overheads from incorrectly estimating product requirements.


          • The Right Bottles and Packaging

          Glass bottles are desired by the community – both for the environment and aesthetics. Most companies now use a smaller bottle size (12oz) due to the lower price point, and many people prefer not to drink a larger juice.


            • Delivery/Pick up Options

            If you plan to open your business in a dense urban area, make sure you are clear about your delivery boundaries on your sales page when people are ordering. Otherwise you will run the risk of having to find a full-time delivery driver. If you live rurally, consider organising with the local general store for your customers to pick up their juice on scheduled days.

            Starting a home juice business can be the scariest but the most satisfying thing you do in your life.

            It’s a challenging decision to make, but at Juice Guru, we have your back. Become a Certified Juice Therapist, and we can give you the tools to go out and do what is tugging at your heart. To be your own boss and have control of your destiny in the health and wellness industry.

              Grab the ONLY juicing recipe you'll ever need!

              This is The ONLY Juice Recipe You'll Ever Need! GET Juice Guru Steve Prussack's "TAPE TO THE FRIDGE" poster day. It's the same recipe that was featured in our Amazon bestselling Book, Juice Guru: Transform Your Life by Adding One Juice A Day".

              The Best Commercial Juicer for Your Home Business

              The Best Commercial Juicer for Your Home Business

              The Best Commercial Juicer for Your Home Business

              The Best Commercial Juicer for Your Home Business

              You’ve probably already figured out that your equipment will be the most significant investment you will make for your home juice business. With this in mind, the most crucial asset for a home juice business is in the commercial (continuous use) juicer. You’ll need a trustworthy juice extractor that will meet the demand of your orders.

              You must make the right choice for your home juice business; otherwise, you run the risk of having to spend the same or even more money with multiple machines, replacement parts, labor costs, and the hassles and pure frustration of downtime.


              • Consider the type of commercial juicer

              Cold press juicers are the definite gold standard for commercial use, but they have a hefty price tag. If you don’t have the money upfront, as an alternative, you can consider acquiring a combination of commercially rated traditional cold press juicers and centrifugal juicers.

              Slow juicers are also ideal for selling juice detox plans. But high-speed juice extractors should only be used for drinks that will be consumed right away.


                • It’s the real deal

                Make sure you get a genuine juicer or press. The juice tastes better, lasts longer, and you will get a higher yield.



                • It’s NSF certified

                In the US, all foodservice equipment used to make commercial food and beverage products must be NSF certified. You don’t want the health department shutting you down because your equipment isn’t approved. That is a lot of money to invest to be shut down almost immediately.


                • Is a proven performer

                If you’re investing thousands for a commercial machine, you want to make sure it can scale with your business, so you do not have to re-invest every year. This means the device should be built to last for continuous use and last for years. Most juicers overheat or break down after long periods of use. These are not good choices for a commercial venture.


                • Check out the yield figures

                When buying a commercial juicer or press, consider the yield that will be needed. There are machines out there that can produce 20-25 (12oz) bottles per hour up to 8000 bottles per hour. Know what you need for efficient use of your time.

                  Here are some of our top picks for commercial juicers. But you need to do the research and figure out what one best suits your needs.

                  The Tribest Green Star Pro

                  This is the only twin gear juicer that is commercially rated. It has a high yield percentage of your produce. This means more revenue for your business. The biggest minus for this juicer is it can only be used for a short time continuously. If used for longer than advised, the heat may affect your juice’s taste and nutrition content.

                  This is a great commercial juicer if you are on a budget and looking to get your juice business off the ground.  Also, as a member of Juice Guru Institute, you’ll receive a substantial discount on this juicer.

                  Goodnature M-1 Commercial Cold Press Juicer

                  This juice press is built for small commercial use and can fit on your home counter. The M-1 is sturdy enough for small juice bars, so it can withstand any level of use you throw at in your home juice business.

                  This machine works like a hydraulic juice press, which is the gold standard in juice extraction efficiency and nutrient retention. The only downside is the investment price is significant.

                  Get a free gift with the purchase of this juicer with coupon code “JUICEGURU” when you check out here.

                  Kuvings Whole Slow Juicer Chef CS600

                  This product is currently the only commercial-grade vertical masticating juice extractor. It comes with an industrial-grade motor that enables it to operate continuously. It can handle all types of whole produce. This decreases your prep time significantly.  

                  Find out more about the Kuvings Commercial Juicer here.

                  Hamilton Beach Otto HJE960 Series

                  Hamilton Beach commercial juicer is a centrifugal juice extractor designed for back-to-back juicing of fruits and vegetables. The durable material stands up to heavy use, while a brushless induction motor with dual cooling fans offers overheating protection.

                  This commercial juicer is expertly designed to give maximum output and durable performance to keep your business flowing.

                  Hopefully, this information can put you on the road to deciding the best commercial juicer for your new venture. Best of luck, and remember to keep juicing!

                  Grab the ONLY juicing recipe you'll ever need!

                  This is The ONLY Juice Recipe You'll Ever Need! GET Juice Guru Steve Prussack's "TAPE TO THE FRIDGE" poster day. It's the same recipe that was featured in our Amazon bestselling Book, Juice Guru: Transform Your Life by Adding One Juice A Day".

                  The Power of Becoming a Certified Juice Therapist.

                  The Power of Becoming a Certified Juice Therapist.

                  The Power of Becoming a Certified Juice Therapist

                  The Power of Becoming a Certified Juice Therapist

                  What’s a Certified Juice Therapist?

                  Don’t be fooled by any social media wellness jargon. Juice therapy isn’t new. This type of therapy has been around in one guise or another for centuries, used by traditional and modern medicine to prevent and treat disease.

                  To keep it short and sweet, this type of therapy uses the unique blend of healing properties found within the juices of fruits and vegetables to aid the body in optimum health.

                  This is achieved by utilizing freshly extracted fruit and vegetable juices to enrich the body with the ideal balance of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, carbohydrates, antioxidants, and enzymes.

                  But you know this. That’s why you’re here, exploring your options.

                  Don’t worry if you feel like you are overstepping your mark with clients. A Juice Therapist doesn’t diagnose or claim to cure.


                  As Therapists and Nutrition Coaches, we present the information and scientific research to support the expansion of health knowledge and behaviors that improve our clients’ overall wellbeing. This guidance includes juicing to address balance within the body and mind to achieve optimum health and vibrancy.

                  When you decide to become a Juice Therapist, you can turn your passion for health and wellness into a career. A real job where you can earn a living and doing what you love. You aren’t tied to a computer for 10 hours a day, or slogging it out in a 9-5 job you hate.

                  You get to spend time with your family, connect with your friends, and support those you love.

                  Now is the perfect time to launch a career in the health and wellness sector because it’s a rapidly expanding field. Health Coaches, including the specialist sector of Juice Therapists, are the future of healthcare.

                  There are record levels of chronic disease, obesity, stress, and disharmony in the world. People are looking for answers to improve not only their health but their lives in general.

                  When you choose to become a Juice Therapist, you decide to join a global community of like-minded change agents to empower, inspire, and motivate others to achieve optimum health. And this connection with other professionals makes your presence and actions 10x more effective in helping your clients transform their lives.

                  When you embark on this career, you will create a ripple effect of holistic health that delivers happiness and joy. There is no better way to earn a living.

                  Becoming a Juice Therapist teaches you how you nourish yourself through all areas of your life. It is a global movement, empowering you to take control of your health and reach your health goals – and guide others to achieve the same goals through your supportive mentorship and actions.

                  As a Juice Therapist, you can significantly impact the world by bringing health and happiness to all those around you. You help your clients feel their best through food and lifestyle changes and personalized one-on-one encouragement.

                  You don’t have to worry if this is the first time you’ve flexed your entrepreneurial muscle. We will guide you every step of the way.

                  When you become a Certified Juice Therapist through Juice Guru, we give you the business tools to shine in the crowded wellness space and achieve extraordinary success. You get to focus on what works for you and empower others, so they return for more.

                     Becoming a Juice Therapist is right for you if……….

                    • You desire to make a living doing work you love.

                    You get to enjoy a fulfilling career where you can follow your passion and make a real difference in people’s lives.


                    • You want to be your own boss

                    You get to see the clients you enjoy and create your schedule around your life…….not someone else’s.


                    • You want to enjoy career flexibility

                    You can build your health coaching practice to fit your needs, whether it’s part-time, full-time, face-to-face, or online. It’s entirely up to you.


                    • You want to earn a generous income

                    You can start seeing paying clients immediately on finishing the course. You can charge an hourly rate that works for you and your clients. You can also branch out into other areas, such as offering fresh therapeutic juices where the overheads are low, and profits are high.


                    • You want to find a variety of employment options

                    You can find work or positions in Integrative Doctors offices, wellness centers, gyms, spas, yoga studios, private practices, natural food stores, and more. You can also write books, create products, open a mobile juice van, or start your own business.

                    Let’s be honest; there are hundreds of thousands of general nutrition coaches teaching the latest fads. Becoming a Juice Therapist isn’t a cookie-cutter solution in a nicely curated wellness template. A Juice Therapist develops a deeply personalized approach that works for them and their clients.

                    Juicing is the most effective way to help others lose weight, boost their immunity, and skyrocket their health.

                    Our certified graduates acquire the knowledge and skills to lead the health filed as juicing experts and the marketing know-how and tools to create a successful business as a wellness entrepreneur.

                      Grab the ONLY juicing recipe you'll ever need!

                      This is The ONLY Juice Recipe You'll Ever Need! GET Juice Guru Steve Prussack's "TAPE TO THE FRIDGE" poster day. It's the same recipe that was featured in our Amazon bestselling Book, Juice Guru: Transform Your Life by Adding One Juice A Day".

                      How to Start a Juice Truck

                      How to Start a Juice Truck

                      How to Start a Juice Truck

                      How to Start a Juice Truck

                      The Perfect Business – minimal start-up costs and low barrier to entry

                      The average person in the US doesn’t get enough fruit and vegetables in their diet. So they are looking for ways to increase their nutrient intake in an efficient, affordable, and tasty way. That is why mobile juice bars are one of the booming businesses in the health and wellness niche.

                      This business is one that primarily sells juices that are freshly made. These juices might also contain add-ins such as herbal or nutritional supplements. The truth is, most juices that are sold in the market are usually packed with preservatives, and due to changing preferences of the masses, more people prefer to consume juices that they know are freshly made.

                      Starting a juice truck business is an extremely viable option if you are thinking about a new venture with a minimal start-up budget, high-profit margin, and minimal food prep. It also has a low entry barrier because you don’t need prior catering experience to get into the business.

                      Starting a mobile juice bar truck business is not just a way to generate revenue and turn a profit. It’s also a way you can help people live a healthier life.


                      What is the best way to start up a Juice Truck to decrease your risk and increase your profits?


                      • Do your Market Research

                      The laws differ significantly between regions and states, no matter what country you live in. Some countries are strict and have many caveats to understand before you jump in. Other countries are lax and don’t have many regulations.

                      The easiest and best way to learn about the health regulations that govern your areas is to contact your local health department or small business center. They will be able to direct you to the relevant information.

                        • Find a Location……or locations

                        When starting a juice truck, although mobile, you must consider the location. You need to consider questions such as – will there be enough footfall in the area? Is this the right demographics for the type of products I want to sell? However, there are plenty of markets and festivals around now, so finding the right spot should be easy.

                        Where I live, there is one food truck business that moves between three places. Everyone knows where they will be on the given day, and if there are any changes, they update everyone via social media. The outcome, everyone gets fresh, healthy food at a great price, and you are supporting a truly local business.

                          • Consider all Costs

                          Even though this venture is cheaper than starting up a brick and mortar business, you need to consider the costs involved. There is the truck fit-out, taxes, temporary rental fees (if you choose to go to markets), and other expenses such as acquiring the correct licenses for your area.

                          Most of the juice truck costs will be spent either acquiring a second-hand juice truck or fitting out a truck suitable for the job. That is usually in the area of $10K to $25K.

                          These are start-up costs and don’t include the day to day running expenses, such as staff, stock, and utilities.

                            • Start-up Equipment

                            You will need a great quality commercial juicer/s, fridges, freezers, stainless steel surfaces, handwashing facilities, large containers for fruit and vegetables, and prepping knives.

                              • Licenses and Certificates

                              The type of permits you will need to run a mobile juice bar will differ from country to country and state to state. But consider the following:


                              1. Insurance Policies
                              2. Food Safety and Handling Certificate
                              3. Business license and permit
                              4. Federal and State Tax documentation
                              • Packaging

                              You will not get away with using single-use plastics with most of this crowd. They are health-conscious and well aware of the environmental impacts of our packaging decisions. Make sure your cups, lids, and straws are compostable or biodegradable.

                              • Branding

                              You want a name and logo that is both edgy and clearly states what you sell. This name will go a long way in determining how your intended customers will perceive your business.

                              Your name has to be unique, memorable, easy to pronounce, and doesn’t leave the potential customer perplexed at what you sell. Mica’s Mobile Juice Machine leaves no ambiguity about what is sold.
                              When you figure out your name, jump onto Fiverr. It’s a great platform to get a logo design at an incredible price.

                              • Menu Ideas

                              This is the fun part. There are endless combinations, so you will never get stuck for juice ideas. But keep the menu simple and easy to edit as, over time, you will work out what sells and adapt it accordingly.

                              It’s best to have between five and eight options. If you have too much choice, it can lead to customer paralysis. Having a smaller menu also helps with stock control. Otherwise, you end up with wasted ingredients if one juice doesn’t sell as well. Let alone the potential nightmare of ordering over 50 ingredients. Keep it a manageable 10 to 15 different ingredients. Juice Guru Institute can show you how to formulate juices according to therapeutic value. Become a Certified Juice Therapist and you’ll be able to hit the ground running as an accredited expert.

                              • Marketing

                              If you are looking at the long game, it will be useful to build a website and have a digital marketing plan to take you to the next level. This is how the public will know where you are and how you will secure private and corporate gigs. But to start, all you need is an Instagram and Facebook page. You can also consider marketing directly to event and wedding suppliers and consultants.

                              The juice bar industry is one that is thriving and is experiencing steady growth as well. This is attributed to the growing fitness and wellness industry as customers are increasingly becoming more health and wellness conscious, especially about what they consume.
                              Juice bars, including mobile juice bars, are ripe and ready to take advantage of this health and wellness movement.

                              Grab the ONLY juicing recipe you'll ever need!

                              This is The ONLY Juice Recipe You'll Ever Need! GET Juice Guru Steve Prussack's "TAPE TO THE FRIDGE" poster day. It's the same recipe that was featured in our Amazon bestselling Book, Juice Guru: Transform Your Life by Adding One Juice A Day".

                              How to Start a Juice Delivery Business

                              How to Start a Juice Delivery Business

                              How to Start a Juice Delivery Business

                              How to Start a Juice Delivery Business

                              Opening a juice delivery business seems reasonably straight forward. You’re a certified Juice Therapist or working towards it. You are legit and have credibility and a fire in your soul to make it in the health and wellness industry.

                              All you have to do is make juice and sell it. Easy money, right?

                              Starting a Juice Delivery Business is one of the most accessible ways to begin a new juice business. But there are some things that you need to consider before opening your own juice delivery business.


                              • Know Your Local Health Laws Concerning Raw Juice

                              The laws differ significantly between regions and states, no matter what country you live in. Some countries are strict and have many caveats to understand before you jump in. Other countries are lax and don’t have many regulations.

                              The quickest way to find out about the health regulations that govern your area is to contact your states health department or even better, small business center. They will be able to direct you to the relevant information.


                                • Consider the Business Model

                                Are you going to start up a home juicing company and use delivery as a service? Are you going to be a brick and mortar seller and have delivery as an added service? Are you thinking of having a commercial kitchen and only using delivery as a way your clients can receive their juice?

                                Be clear on what type of juice delivery business you want to set up. This is important. You want to focus your valuable time in becoming a success. Choosing multiple models scatters your energy and you don’t do well at all. A good tip is to start with one option and then aim to offer the consumer multiple options further down the line.


                                  • Have Access to an Expert or Mentor

                                  If you’re just starting out in this industry, connect with a mentor to brainstorm ideas and strategy with. You need to respect them and be open to listening to their suggestions. They don’t have to have managed or opened the same business as you, just someone who has overcome similar challenges.

                                  Consider engaging a consultant who is a juice expert. They can assist you to develop a business plan, connect you with others who have experience and knowledge, create recipes, and properly train staff. If you get Certified as a Juice Therapy with Juice Guru Institute you will be equipped with the information and the access to the expert knowledge to help you achieve stellar success.

                                    •  Purchase the Right Equipment

                                    To ensure your success, you need to make an investment in quality juicing equipment from the start. This will ensure longevity and cost-effectiveness. Buying the cheaper equipment might be where your attention is now, but you will pay for it later in labor costs, wasted produce, and further equipment expenditures in the immediate future.


                                      • Know the Costs Before You Start

                                      The total cost of the produce and packaging you use for your juice should not exceed more than 25-40% of the product’s final price. Otherwise, you are not going to make a profit. Then it would help if you considered all the other additional costs such as staff and marketing.


                                        • Marketing

                                        You will need to know how you are going to get the word out about your business. You can set up a website at a minimal cost these days and promote yourself through local businesses. You can also use instant delivery applications like Uber Eats.

                                        But take a step back and use your creativity. You could start by giving free samples to a group or collective and see how they engage with the product. Get their feedback on how, when, and why they would buy your juice. Then you can invest your money in the right areas to make sure the juice delivery business is a roaring success.

                                        Opening a juice delivery business is one of the most straight forward businesses you can open. Yes, there are some hurdles you will have to jump, but this is for every business.

                                        Utilize your credibility as a certified Juice Therapist and branch out into a stream of income that will bring a smile to your face and freedom to live how you desire. All while you are helping others to find their optimum health and wellbeing.

                                          Grab the ONLY juicing recipe you'll ever need!

                                          This is The ONLY Juice Recipe You'll Ever Need! GET Juice Guru Steve Prussack's "TAPE TO THE FRIDGE" poster day. It's the same recipe that was featured in our Amazon bestselling Book, Juice Guru: Transform Your Life by Adding One Juice A Day".

                                          The World’s Quickest Juice

                                          The World’s Quickest Juice

                                          The World's Quickest Juice

                                          The World's Quickest Juice

                                          Hey there, Juice Guru Steve & Julie Prussack here with you again and today’s fast video is the world’s quickest juices.

                                          Maybe even the idea of making just one juice a day might seem overwhelming if you’re really new to it or if you’re busy like me. So I made this doodle today and I hope I could share it with you.

                                          This is me. This is me usually, right? So it’s me. I am always balancing my work. I work for Juice Guru, I have my own job, I also worked with, you know, no work with, but I have our family, our dog henry, the house, blah, blah, blah, so you could probably relate.

                                          Haha.. Get rid of that! We need energy for that. That’s also why we need a juice every day…. But. This really, literally is the world’s quickest juice right here. Another one of Julie doodles, right? We call these Julie doodles.

                                          This right, here all you need. You don’t need a juicer. Like we said. 32 ounce purified water.

                                          We add one juice of a squeezed lemon right in there. A pealed squeezed lemon. Two tablespoons apple cider vinegar. One tablespoon of maple syrup and what I like to add in is a dash of cayenne pepper, which is great for blood circulation and adds a little kick to it.

                                          Mix that all together and boom, this really is the world’s quickest juice and it’s no excuse juicing, right Julie? We got another one for you too though.

                                          That’s right. It’s got a lot of nutrition in that. And more than that, it is a great place holder when you’re trying to establish your juice a day habit, you don’t want to skip a day ever. So no excuse to do that, now you have this in your pocket.

                                          No excuses for your daily juice. The second one uses a juicer, but it only takes 15 minutes to make the juice and clean up start to finish.

                                          You’ve got 15 minutes in the morning, you can do this. It only has two or three ingredients here, and i’m gonna share the magical time saver in a minute but go ahead babe. So first you want to have about three juicy red apples.

                                          Really delicious. Very easy to prep, very easy to clean. And then, of course, one lemon.

                                          Really easy to prep and also easy to clean up afterwards. And then the magical ingredient, we get this at any supermarket is the done for you triple-washed greens. Were using the spinach here, but you can get them in any..

                                          You can get kale, chard, anything triple-washed and organic. We just throw it in by the handful and this saves time. Nothing to wash, nothing to clean, boom! Right? Very easy start to finish.

                                          Julie. What do you think? I mean, back in 1985, right? This isn’t the kind of stuff we were playing around with when we dated back then, is it? No for us. A quick fix was to run down to the diner in new jersey and get gravy fries.

                                          So and now here we are in our fifties and feel amazing and never imagined 2020 to be what it is now. So sign up for the juice-a-day challenge at and we’ll see in the members area because these really are the world’s quickest juices.

                                          There’s no excuse not to do it. It’s a no-brainer. Easy, of course the challenge includes recipes, shopping guides, our motivation, support videos, interaction with the community all over the world. So join us there, right, baby, that’s right. And in fact tomorrow we’re gonna be back with another video.

                                          We’re gonna show you how you could do it even if you don’t have a juicer at all with your beat-up old blender. So there are no obstacles, only opportunities.

                                          Let’s do it. 2020’s a new year. Let’s do this… Let’s do this together.

                                          Let’s do it together.


                                          Grab the ONLY juicing recipe you'll ever need!

                                          This is The ONLY Juice Recipe You’ll Ever Need! GET Juice Guru Steve Prussack’s “TAPE TO THE FRIDGE” poster day. It’s the same recipe that was featured in our Amazon bestselling Book, Juice Guru: Transform Your Life by Adding One Juice A Day”.