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Who: Carol Howe – Carol Howe is one of the original and most respected teachers of A Course In Miracles. A personal friend of co-scribe Bill Thetford, she wrote his biography, Never Forget To Laugh, and is also the author of Healing The Hurt Behind Addictions. Throughout her 40 year career with ACIM, she has helped many thousands on their journey to inner peace. I am PERSONALLY going through her “See How Life Works” course.  Join me by clicking here.

What We Talked About: Here’s what Carol shares with us:

  • Learn how peace of mind is essential for healthy choices.
  • How to deal with the distress that sabotages best intentions
  • How to reprogram your mind to support a healthy lifestyle.

Why I Like Carol: Inspirational, intelligent, and a sweet soul, Carol is carrying on important work that needs to be shared. She inspired me to take her course. I’m sure you’ll feel the same way.

Where to Learn More:   See How Life Works Course join here.


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