How to Use Plant Medicine

Epic Living with Amber Zuckswert

Who: Amber Zuckswert –  Amber is an international Pilates and vinyasa yoga instructor, professional contemporary dancer, and holistic nutritionist from Santa Cruz, CA. She’s the founder of, her online health and fitness coaching platform, where she trains individuals and groups in optimal living for their unique body and lifestyle. Amber specializes in designing and producing deeply transformative mind, body, spirit retreats, and teacher training programs worldwide.

As a contemporary ballet/modern dancer with over 25 years of technique, performance, and teaching under her belt, Amber turned to the pilates method, vinyasa yoga, and plant-based nutrition to stay in peak mind/body condition and injury-free. Over the last 10 years, she’s taught for some of the world’s most revered clubs, retreat centers, and festivals including Equinox San Francisco, Sports Club LA, YogaWorks, Rancho LA Puerta, The Bali Spirit Festival, and The Envision Festival. She is an adventurous entrepreneur deeply passionate about positivity shifting the world through full-throttle-conscious living.

What We Talked About:  

  • Essential tools to living on purpose
  • The importance of learning to love yourself and others more fully on
  • Tapping into embodying your truth and living by example
  • Meditation/ Mantra for healing
  • How to use plant medicine for self-discovery and healing


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