Marketing your Juicing Business

There are thousands of ways to market your juicing business. Some are more successful than others. However, spending large amounts of money doesn’t guarantee success.

We will discuss some of the most popular methods and some that are a little more creative. None of these marketing strategies cost large sums of money, but some do take time and energy.

The best thing you can do as an owner of a juicing business – measure everything. Set it up so you can measure the success of any marketing technique you implement.

Flyer marketing

Flyer marketing is referred to as the old-style direct mail marketing. But it isn’t dead. To make this work, you don’t have to spend a lot of money, as long as you are focused. Make your flyers and send them to the local yoga and Pilates studio or gym. These businesses cater to your target audience. Then have them return the flyer on their next visit for a small discount. That way, you can keep track of your ROI.

Give away free product

Everyone loves a freebie. Set a time orientated deadline to get a free juice. If your product is terrific, you will have a 50-60% retention rate of people who return. You can also offer deals such as buy one, get one free. Yes, it feels like giving away money, but be willing to look at the long-term value of having repeat customers.

Build strategic partnerships

Building a strategic partnership means engaging with another person or business with the same customer base as you. They could be Naturopaths, yoga studios, colonic therapists, gyms, or nutritionists. Work out a mutually beneficial exclusive partnership with these businesses to offer a discount or service for your customers.

Start an e-Newsletter Campaign

Everyone knows when they are being put on an email list. It’s easy to do. Offer people to go onto your email list when they come to pay the bill. As an enticer, you can offer a 10% discount to get their email.

When they are on the list, send quality content such as health tips, links to exciting health news, discounts, or coupons. Quality content builds a trusting connection between you and your customer and brings them back into the store. Trust is everything if you want retention.

Social media to market your Juicing Business

This form of marketing is powerful. But the most powerful medium for marketing a juicing business is Instagram. This is because 70% of users are women.…, and 70% of juice bar customers are women. You have a ready-made audience. And, fresh, healthy juices are just ripe for the powerful Instagram image-orientated platform. You need to give people the images and provide the health benefits of the juices you serve. This is called creating value-based content and is loved by your audience.

DIY Infographics

These content-heavy graphics are a remarkably powerful marketing tool. They’re easy to understand and super simple to share, which is precisely what time-poor individuals love. They are a great way to drive traffic, not only social media but foot traffic. Utilize your knowledge as a certified Juice Therapist to add weight to your authority in this niche area.

Influence Marketing

Similar to strategic partnerships, but they are people online who are considered influential in a niche area – such as people who are health-focused or women-centric. All you need to do is get a local person who is heavily into health and has an engaged audience, and you are halfway there. Figure out a beneficial relationship for both of you…free juice daily, money, sponsorship at their next competition, etc. Then, have them promote you as the place to go for their daily juice.

Create Instructional Videos

Video content is lapped up and loved. While it can cost big dollars to get your professional YouTube videos done, there is nothing wrong with doing the video content yourself. All you need is a smartphone and Facebook Live or Instagram Stories. There you can instruct people on the benefits of juice, how to get the most out of a juice cleanse, or what to look for in a good juice bar…anything. Always send them back to your page and your juice bar at the end of the video.

Paid advertising to market your Juice Business

Google, Instagram, FB, or YouTube are legitimate ways to access your audience through paid advertising. If you are a storefront, you will want to drill down in your local area. There will always be people who search for juice bars in your area or even the benefits of juice cleansing. You will be able to provide relevant information, and they will access your business because they trust you.

Free Taste Testing

Have your current or potential customers trial small amounts of different juices either at the point of sale or at another area such as a gym or Pilates studio. You can also consider asking some of the larger corporations in the business area you are situated if you can have an early morning juice tasting session with the office staff during one of their meetings. That way, they get to sample your product and see your face as the owner of the healthiest option close to them.

In-house Marketing

This is where you coach your team members to mention specials and juice cleanse programs or how to acquire email addresses or follow your Instagram page for the incentive of 10% off their juice this visit.

Be active in online discussions

Utilize your knowledge as a certified Juice therapist and health coach by targeting platforms such as Reddit, where you comment on topics about juicing, health, and lifestyle. Discuss your ideas and leave the website or contact for your juice bar when you sign off.

Utilize Loyalty Programs

Use a loyalty program card. This is a great way to get people signed up for your email list as well. Reward your customer’s loyalty by giving them something free if they buy ten juices.

Customer Referral Program

This is great if you have one customer who refers another person onto a high-ticket price item, such as a Juice Cleanse Program. The customer who completes the referral can be given an incentive.

Host a free Event or Class

You can host an event or class that is targeted towards fitness, health, or wellbeing. Make sure you have a selection of juices and raw food snacks to share around. This will have loads of people talking, not only about the event but also about your juice.

You don’t have to invest a lot of money to market your juicing business. What you do need is a small amount of strategy, some time, and consistent effort. It will all pay off in the end. And don’t forget to measure everything that you do. So you can go back and keep refining the techniques that are working for you and your potential customers.


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