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Who:  Babette Davis –  Chef Babette Davis (affectionately referred to as Chef Babette) is the Executive Chef at Stuff I Eat, a vegan Restaurant in Inglewood, CA and Co-Founder of Luv Ur Age, a project that promotes aging successfully. She has been a vegan and raw food chef for over two decades and is a firm believer that we should all eat Live Food and Live Consciously!

What We Talked About:  At 65-years young, Babette tells us we have the idea of aging all wrong. It’s all about decreasing our stress, surrounding ourselves with positive influences and eating/ drinking the right foods.

Why I Like Babette:  Aside from the fact that Babette contributed the gourmet pulp recipes to our book Juice Guru, she is a beacon of health, longevity and motivation.

Great Line: I don’t know of a better food source when it comes to juice- to get a quick energy boost, to get all the nutrients you need.. it’s all juicing for me.

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