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The Edgy Veg (New Vegan Recipes) with Candice Hutchings

During this masterclass, you’ll learn why the vegan movement is important and how to spice up your recipes.

Join us with Candice Hutchings, Co-Founder of The Edgy Veg.

You’ll find out:

  • The Edgy Veg is a delicious vegan movement that caters to the forward-thinking meal-creators of an often-boring veg community
  • In addition to salads and smoothies, you can re-purpose familiar family favorites, decadent desserts, trendy dishes, and fast food favorites
  • There is a library of recipes and food hacks to serve as an inspiration for a new generation of vegan food artists

About the guest:

As Co-Founder, Creator, Chef and Resident Mad Food Scientist, Candice Hutchings is the brains and creativity behind The Edgy Veg. Candice develops all of the food creations and is the main on-screen YouTube talent bringing delicious vegan recipes to the world.

As most college students, Candice paid for her education serving and bartending. She noticed pretty early on that she loved watching the chefs create menu items and spent a lot of time in back of house when she should have been serving in the front.

Shortly after starting The Edgy Veg blog, Candice was eager to further her food education. She spent many years deeply involved in the health, raw food and vegan space in Toronto, including managing a raw food restaurant and juice cleansing company.

Candice currently resides in Toronto, Ontario with her husband, co-founder of The Edgy Veg, James Aita. For more information visit her website at


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