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Top Qualities of a Great Wellness Coach

Develop Your Emotional Intelligence to Enhance Your Wellness Business

What you need to embody to have the Top Qualities of a Great Wellness Coach:

It’s no surprise that wellness coaching has taken off, considering the current climate around the world. It’s also booming because being self-employed, living an optimal life, and choosing your work on your terms to suit your life, sets you free. 

But sometimes, it doesn’t come easy, neither do the clients.

To be successful at coaching, mastering these qualities will help you stand out from the sea of options available. Find out if you have the Top Qualities of a Great Wellness Coach.

Top Qualities of a Great Wellness Coach: Positive Attitude

You need to have an attitude that conveys to your clients that there is a solution to every challenge. You need to believe and let them know that nothing is insurmountable as long as you have the right people and resources around you.

Top Qualities of a Great Wellness Coach: Passionate about Wellness

You can’t be taken seriously in this business if you aren’t passionate about what you do. If you are genuinely inspirational, people will feel it before you open your mouth. Your passion will ooze from you. Don’t be afraid to live by your wellness beliefs and let everyone know ‘who’ you are and ‘why’ you do what you do.

Top Qualities of a Great Wellness Coach: Master Communicator

Communication should be a two-way street, and it involves two main aspects. Listening and all forms of messaging (we aren’t talking about the text type).  

First, you need to learn the more refined skills of listening. Being able to pick up on cues and messages signaling you to dig deeper. Study active listening skills that allow you to affect real change in your clients. Learning how to listen properly will help you to deeply understand the person and, hopefully, facilitate a richer understanding of themselves over time.

Excellent coaches communicate clearly and directly on all levels through their body language, speech, and actions. They ensure their communication is understood through clarification and closed-loop techniques to ensure they are not misunderstood. 

Top Qualities of a Great Wellness Coach: Keep your opinions to yourself

Awesome wellness coaches know that their job isn’t to give opinions on everything from politics to parenting to improve the life of the client. They know their time is best served to help their clients find their own personal solution to the barriers they face to becoming healthy and living an optimal life. Opinions are cheap and are available elsewhere. 

Top Qualities of a Great Wellness Coach: Stop the judgments

The same goes for being judgmental. You have not walked in their shoes and everyone is different. Shaming and ridiculing people’s past decisions or current actions because you believe you know what is best does not motivate them…it kills their fire and passion. Don’t be that person.

Top Qualities of a Great Wellness Coach: Curious

Learning to be curious cultivates the ability to ask questions that help your clients understand themselves better. This quality invariably leads to impact. Your clients learn to understand themselves better and how to find their success.

Top Qualities of a Great Wellness Coach: Challenging

A great coach understands that the average person needs appropriate challenges that match their desires and are just outside their comfort zone, but not so impossible they are frozen with fear. Learn to give people something to work towards that stretches them but also excites them and gives them clarity and focus on what they truly desire.

Top Qualities of a Great Wellness Coach: Observant

Fantastic coaches see what is going on with people. They notice the signs of worry and anxiety and face them with the client instead of hiding or sweeping them under the carpet.

Top Qualities of a Great Wellness Coach: Honesty

Integrity, both self-integrity and with your clients, is essential. You have to be the person who follows through. Be honest with your communication, even if it means you have to soften the language to get your point across. But don’t lie or omit. It does no one any favors. Find the right way to say it, and you will win every single time.

Some of these skills you will have an abundance of mastery already. But some take consistent practice. Remember, success comes with practice…just like you tell your clients.


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