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JGT: ep 6: Fruit Juices – Friend or Foe?

Are you are confused about the issue of sugar in your fresh juices and smoothies? Should you be eating fruit? Drinking fruit juice? Drinking green smoothie?

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Bone Broth is NOT like Juice

Bone Broth good or bad? The jury is in and it's not pretty!
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JGT: ep. 4: The Best Juice Pulp Recipes

(Recipe Included) Learn how to make incredible food from your juice pulp!
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JGT: ep 3: The Best Raw Soup Recipe Ever

Raw food chef and author Jenny Ross shows us delicious ways to juice up our diet.
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Kale Juice Lowers Cholesterol

Dr. Michael Greger explains the effect of kale juice on LDL and HDL cholesterol and the antioxidant capacity of the blood.
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JGT: ep 2: The Best Green Juice Recipe

The Best Green Juice Recipe Ever.
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JGT: ep 1: Why Juicing?

The 3 biggest ways juicing can change your life.
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