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How to Make Any Green Juice Taste Great!

Have you been wondering if green juices (without anything to sweeten them, like apples or even carrots) can taste good? Juice Guru Steve and Julie Prussack show you how to make any green juice taste great!

Maybe this has been a block for you… and the only juices you’ll drink need some extra sweetness to them…

There is conditioning around sweeter juices… we were raised on them. As kids, fruit juices ruled. There were apple juice, Hawaiian Punch, Ocean Spray juices… you name it.

So our brains have been conditioned to prefer sweeter juice.

I have great news for you today… Your green juices can taste incredible… even better than any of those sweeter juices.

Why is it beneficial to go green instead of including the sweeter fruits in your juicer?

You’ll find strictly green juices to be more energizing, cleansing, and sustaining than the sweeter juices.

They are alkalizing and will build your immune system even better.

This means (among other things) protection of bone density and muscle mass, lower risks for hypertension and stroke, lower chronic pain and inflammation (my knee injury has healed from these green juices), cancer prevention, and helping you to maintain your ideal weight.

And we find the energy you’ll get from these green juices lasts MUCH LONGER than the sweeter juices.

These juices got me off caffeine because I just don’t feel the need for any extra energy boost in my day. It’s just what you’ll need.

This is the year we go green… let’s do it together.


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