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Spirituality of Vegan Food

Join us with “Food Alchemist Plant-Based Wizard”, Julie Ward.

Here’s what you’ll find out:

  • What is the definition of high vibration food?
  • How would you know you are eating a high vibrational food from your experience and body response?
  • How to start your day on a vibrational high and maintain it?

About Our Guest:

Julie Ward is the Food Alchemist Plant-Based Wizard, who helps clients find energy, joy & health through “Habit Hacks”. Julie helps others transition to health using a new approach to food and “habit hacks” that help her clients overcome obstacles. As the founder of Fresh Food Alchemy, Julie’s presentations focus on how foods can boost energy, joy, and focus. After overcoming her own depression, mood, and digestive issues using plant-based wisdom, she brings 25 years of first-hand experience to the table, helping health educators and clients understand that optimal health is possible, and healthy food can taste great! For more information, visit


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