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Easy Ways to Eat Vegan

Easy Ways to Eat Vegan

Ronnie Landis

Join us with Athena Pond, author of “It’s Cool to be Vegan.”


Here’s what you’ll find out:

• What health issues did Athena experience that made her decide to change to a plant-based diet?
• How switching to a plant-based diet can change the trajectory of our health, reverse disease, and eliminate the need for medications?
• Why is it important for children to know about the basics regarding plant-based diet at an early age?

About Our Guest:

Athena Pond, the founder of Athena’s Vegan Odyssey, is a wife, mother, and grandmother living near Nashville, Tennessee. She’s passionate about sharing her vegan lifestyle with others and wishes she had known about the benefits of going vegan earlier in life. She’s written her first children’s book, It’s Cool to Vegan, hoping to arm young vegans (and aspiring vegans) with knowledge, confidence, and pride in choosing to live a vegan lifestyle. Visit her website: https://www.athenasveganodyssey.com/

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