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How to Use Chinese Tonic Herbs

The Healing Benefits of Chinese Tonic Herbs

Who: Ron Teeguarden – Ron Teeguarden is a Chinese herbalist and herbal product manufacturer, who has been researching the properties of Chinese tonic herbs and other aspects of the Asian art for radiant health. He is the author of several books including “Radiant Health: The Ancient Wisdom of Chinese Tonic Herbs” and is the co-founder and leader of Dragon Herbs. 

What We Talked About:  Here’s what Ron shares with us:

  • The Top 6 Chinese Tonic Herbs for Longevity, Health, and Spiritual Growth
  • The best Chinese Tonic Herbs to use during your Juice Cleanse
  • Why the Goji Berries in the local market aren’t as potent as you might think

The Top 6 Chinese Tonic Herbs:
Reishi, Ginseng, He Shou Wu, Gynostemma, Schizandra & Goji Berries

Why I Like Ron: A true leader in the health movement, Ron has been educating about Chinese Herbs since the early 1970s.  He is a wealth of knowledge and his enthusiasm is contagious.  You’ll be ready to experience the healing benefits of these sacred plant herbs yourself.

Where to Learn More: Ron’s Website


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