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How to Use Chakra Healing

How to Use Chakra Healing

Ronnie Landis

You’ll discover:
* What a chakra is and why is it so important for healing.
* What Tantra Yoga is and how can it work with the chakras.
* How to know if your chakras are blocked and how to unblock them.
* What practices support healthy chakras moving forward.

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About our Guest:
Michelle S. Fondin, author of Chakra Healing for Vibrant Energy and The Wheel of Healing with Ayurveda is owner of the Ayurvedic Path Yoga and Wellness Studio, where she practices as an Ayurvedic lifestyle counselor and as a yoga and meditation teacher. She holds a Vedic Master certificate from the Chopra Center and has worked with Dr. Deepak Chopra teaching yoga and meditation. Find out more about her work at www.michellefondinauthor.com.

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