Build a Thriving Wellness Business With the Power of Juice

How to Make More Time

During this interview, you’ll learn about real-life solutions for overscheduled women.

Join us with Yvonne Tally, author of “Breaking Up with Busy”

Here’s what you’ll find out:

  • Why “I’m busy is the new I’m fine”.
  • Practical ideas for slowing down and getting off the busyness hamster wheel
  • What an OSW woman is and how someone calls if they are one.

About Our Guest:

Yvonne Tally is the author of Breaking Up with Busy and leads meditation and de-stressing programs for corporations, individuals, and private groups in Silicon Valley. An NLP master practitioner, Yvonne cofounded Poised Inc., a Pilates and wellness training studio, and is the founder of the Sisterhood of the Traveling Scarves, a charity that provides headscarves to cancer patients. She lives in Northern California. Visit her online at


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