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How to lead your Juice Cleanse Program

Now that you are a Health Coach and Juice Guru® Certified Juice Therapist, you have an edge that other health coaches don’t. You are in the perfect position to offer your customers something extra special to take their health journey to the next level.

You should seriously consider starting your own signature Juice Cleanse Program.

But you might be immediately thinking – I can’t! I don’t have the expertise! I don’t know how! Other people aren’t doing it, which means it won’t work. Why would someone buy a juice cleanse from my business!

Don’t worry; we’ve heard all the excuses.

All those little gremlins are speaking untruths and sprouting excuses to bring you down. You give your clients strategies to overcome this destructive chatter. Now it’s time for you to step up and be a leader in your niche.

And we have designed an extraordinary program that will help you deliver (meaning done-for-you programs you can use to hit the ground running).

Benefits of Offering a Juice Cleanse Program

The obvious…the benefit to your customers and clients. You get to offer en mass, under guidance, how to do a juice cleanse properly. This is your opportunity to guide people through a potentially life-altering experience. If that were the only benefit, it would be worth it.

A juice cleanse program tends to generate more revenue, particularly if your business is a juice bar. You get the benefit of not only having a juice bar, but a way to help heal and rejuvenate customers… and get paid to do it. People don’t want to be making three or more juices a day at home. It’s time-consuming and expensive when they have to source the product from retail outlets. Why go to all the bother when you can pick up your daily products from your local juice bar or health coach?

A lot of company’s don’t sell cleansing programs. Why? They aren’t willing to put the time and effort in designing a safe protocol to offer this type of product. They don’t have the expertise of being a health coach or Certified Juice Therapist. They may not have access to a cold presser. There are many reasons why juice cleansing programs aren’t utilized in other businesses. But it’s your chance to capitalize on that.

If juice cleansing programs are unique to your business, you’ll be seen as a health authority. The customer perceives you and your company as an expert in this niche. Don’t be scared. You have the advantage over the run of the mill juice bars.

It helps you run your business smoothly. If several people buy a 5-7 day juice cleanse, you have done two things. You have pre-sold a product, which is money in your pocket. You also have the opportunity to plan for your produce and labor in advance. This decreases spoilage and increases cost efficiencies.

Tips on setting up your Juice Cleanse Program

Some businesses have Juice Cleanse Programs for sale, but they don’t market them. Or, they don’t offer them to a range of customers. We will outline some of the aspects you have to think about when setting up your Juice Cleanse Program to ensure it is safe and a roaring success with your clients and customers.


Create a specific brochure for the program and have it displayed prominently in the store or counter. You can also have the same information online available for visitors to access. The brochure needs to be highly educational on the benefits of undergoing a juice cleanse, what to expect while going through the program, and the Juice Cleanse Programs’ price points and structure.

This brochure will be a catalyst for your service staff to educate and inform your customers. Ensure your staff are well-versed on the benefits of cleansing and any other information that would help anyone considering this type of program.


You need to structure the cleanse in stages and grade the severity to different types of customers. If you don’t offer a progressive sequence and meet the customer where they are at, you miss opportunities to help people in their health journey. For example, you can have a cleanse for:

Beginners – This will be less hardcore and introducing people to the benefits of the juice cleanse. It can include a salad and raw food item, juices, and even a wellness shot over a few days.

Intermediate – This type of program can be structured towards people interested and somewhat educated on the juice cleanse’s benefits. You can include wellness shots, juices, and a small amount of clean eating salads.

Advanced – This is for the hardcore juicer who wants a program they don’t have to fuss over and give them structure and products. It is strictly juice and non-caffeinated herbal teas

Paperwork and Protocols

Make sure you get all the information needed from the customer. You will need

  • the type of cleanse
  • the number of days
  • when they are starting and finishing
  • What time of day they will be picking up their juice.
  • Any other relevant information.

The customer needs to be aware of the cancellation policy, what happens if they don’t come to pick up their juice cleanse products on any given day, and any other expectations or requirements. This paperwork will be refined over time as you offer more and more people this service.

The juice cleanse protocols are the lifeblood of the Juice Cleanse Programs. They indicate the program and what is required for the customer to pick up and any additional information needed for the customer. Staff need to be educated in these protocols to ensure the package is ready on time and support the customer during the juice cleanse program.

Have the protocols easily accessible for the staff, so they know what they need to prepare in the morning; that way, customers aren’t waiting for their juice, shot, and food to be made.

How do you price for the cleanse

You want to do the math on the price of all the products used in the program. You may want to incentivize the juice cleanse program by giving a 3% discount. But you shouldn’t go more than 3% if you’re going to make a profit.

Does this sound like something you want to do? Are you so busy you don’t know where to start?

We’ve got you sorted. In the Juice Guru Mastery program, we have a ready-made successful evergreen revenue-generating program for your business. It includes protocols, recipes, checklists, email sequences, social media images, plus more…everything you will need to run an online juice cleanse program or shopfront service.

This isn’t our only pre-packaged program that comes with the Juice Guru Mastery. It’s an all-in-one offer that will help you coach your clients to be the happiest and healthiest versions of themselves.


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