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Steve and Julie PrussackIf you’re anything like us, you don’t just want to live a long life, you want to live it up – vibrantly and energetically… You are ready to shine again on the inside and outside.

But if you’re also like us, you know what it’s like to wake up tired… to look in the mirror and wonder why you’re starting to look older… and maybe you’ve even given up on the idea that you can STILL turn heads, even today.

We’re here to show you that there is a way to become an Age Boss… to go from being tired, overweight and unhealthy to lean, uber-healthy and vibrant.

The first step can be defined in one word: Juicing. Of course, that’s not revolutionary. In fact, juicing has become the most popular trend around.

The concept of Daily Juice busts through those barriers and allows you to change your life without changing your lifestyle. You’ll stick with it, not only because it’s easy, but because of how great you’ll feel.

Aren’t you worth it? Of course you are! So, let’s get started. Here’s how to get on the Daily Juice band wagon in just 3 easy steps:

Step 1: What is Daily Juice

Ok, I’m interested. So, what is this Daily Juice? Step 1 is to define it.

Daily Juice is a concept no one else seems to be talking about, and it’s about the most straightforward and (relatively) low-commitment idea we’ve thought of. As opposed to juice fasting, where you drink nothing but juice all day, every day, when you Daily Juice, you drink just one green juice a day (24-32 ounces) first thing in the morning on an empty stomach.

That’s it.

With that one juice, you will flood your body with more stamina-building, youth-inducing antioxidants and nutrition than most people get in a week or more. And that leaves you free to eat, drink and do whatever you like for the rest of the day (within reason, of course).

By enjoying your juice on an empty stomach, your body will assimilate all of that nutrition considerably faster than if you drank it on a full belly. Did you know it can take 6-8 HOURS for your stomach to digest solid food, while juice can pass through in as little as 15 minutes? That’s why you feel a rush of energy from a strong green juice that is more powerful and sustaining than you can get from your morning coffee.

You’ll be clearer of mind, healthier in body, more energetic, and you’ll even start to crave healthier foods, which will allow you to lose weight and keep it off effortlessly.

Step 2: Why Daily Juice?

Glad you asked. From reclaiming your youthful vitality, to getting and staying lean, to preventing disease, to boosting your brain power, there’s nothing more powerful (or easier to do) than having a juice a day.

The doctor of the future will give no medication, but will interest his patients in the care of the human frame, diet and in the cause and prevention of disease.

Let’s just start with the basics. Up to 97% of us aren’t getting even the recommended daily allowance of fruits, veggies and leafy greens. Juicing will give you what you need and so much more. There is no question that drinking fresh pressed juices can do wonders for you. It’s a matter of science. Just to quote a few recent studies:

  • 2015 (Food and Nutrition Resources) – “Drinking fresh pressed orange juice every day with a healthy diet can prevent chronic disease.”
  • 2008 (Biomedical and Environmental Sciences) – “Men who drank 3-4 shots of kale juice every day lowered cholesterol to the same extent as would one hour of exercise 7 days a week.”
  • 2009 (British Journal of Nutrition) – “1 cup of freshly pressed concord grape juice a day helped elderly people with memory decline improve significantly on verbal learning tests.”

A study just published this past February even found that everyday working moms who drank a daily glass of Concord grape juice improved their driving skills! (Imagine how much safer our roads would be if everyone had their Daily Juice?? 😉 )

There are increasing numbers of studies proving the outstanding benefits of fresh-pressed juice to your mind, body and soul. Fresh juices are loaded with antioxidants, which combat the free radicals that prematurely age your skin, tissues and organs. They alkalize your body to fight disease, and they provide valuable phytonutrients (available only in plant foods) that keep your body healthy and youthful.

Step 3: How do you Daily Juice?

Steve Prussack making juiceOk … you WANT to Daily Juice, but how do you start?

Hopefully, you already have a good juicer. But don’t worry if you don’t, you can always get the best price anywhere on our #1 rated juicer for Daily Juice (the Tribest slowstar) by going to the “Shop” tab of this site.

Even more fundamentally, though, the number 1 reason why people fail to stick to a diet or health program – or (more importantly) maintain the gains they’ve made – is that the diet doesn’t contain a plan for when it ends and real life begins. Daily Juice is the solution. It’s all about incorporating health, vitality and weight loss into your everyday life. So the gains happen every day, over time. And unlike other diets or health plans, you don’t have to give anything up (although you’ll probably find that you want to) and you don’t have to change your life around, stop going out with your friends, or radically alter what you eat each day.

Of course, we don’t want to understate the difficulty of starting or keeping up with Daily Juice, every day. But we have a solution for that too: Make Daily Juice a habit.

Having one juice at the same time each day, every day, assists in habit creation (much like brushing your teeth or taking a shower). And once it’s a habit, you won’t even have to think about it; you’ll just automatically reach for the juicer.

We detail how to achieve this and unveil our 4-step plan to habit formation in our new book Juice Guru: Transforming Your Life by Adding One Juice a Day (Robert Rose Publishing). But in the meantime, let’s at least cover some of the basics of creating a “juicy” habit so you can get started on this today. Our top 3 suggestions for making Daily Juice a habit you’ll keep for life are:

Make your juicer the star of your kitchen. What’s the first thing you reach for when you hit the kitchen each morning? Nine times out of ten it’s the coffee maker. Or maybe it’s the toaster. Regardless, take a second to consider why that’s the case. Got it yet? It’s because your coffee maker and toaster are out on your counter, ready to use. They are in your face, calling to you, making it very easy to use them first, instead of something else that might be better for you.

With that in mind, the first step towards making Daily Juice a habit you’ll keep is to put your juicer on the counter, instead of under it (collecting dust and cobwebs). And put the coffee maker underneath, instead. This way, making juice will become your first and easiest choice. We also recommend laying out your juicing tools the night before, like your knives, salad spinner, bowls and jars, etc., so juicing is easy to do.

Play “piggy-back” with your existing habits (it only takes one sticky note). You already have a chain of existing habits you do every morning – things you do more or less in the same order, almost automatically. Take a minute right now to think about what they might be. What do you do when you wake up? Do you shower, brush your teeth, put on your makeup and/or get dressed? These are all habits, and you do them almost automatically. Have your new juicing habit “hitch a ride” on these already-established habits with one magical invention: The sticky note.

Figure out which habit in the chain is the last you do before you hit the kitchen. Then take a pen and a note and write: “Make a juice” or something like that. If the last habit in your chain is brushing your teeth, stick it on the mirror. If it’s getting dressed, stick it on your closet door. Just make sure the reminder is where you’ll see it. Science shows that a habit is easier to establish and keep if it’s associated with ones you’ve already created.

Use our Juice Guru Daily Classic Template recipe. We have created this recipe with you in mind to assist you in making Daily Juice a habit you’ll keep. It contains 5 core ingredients that are available in most local markets, all year-round. This way, shopping is easy, and you’ll always have what you need in your fridge, ready to juice. These ingredients, like cucumber, kale and lemon, are also common to many juice recipes. By using this recipe every day, your prep work will become like second nature and you’ll get to know your juicer well. Also, this recipe eliminates waste, since you’re not radically changing what you juice each day.

Finally, the Template Recipe allows you to create literally dozens of recipes by adding or substituting certain ingredients, so you’ll never get bored with the taste. It can go from earthy to savory to sweet to spicy with simple substitutions. You’re limited only by your imagination. You can get the Daily Classic Template by clicking here

So there you have it … our 3-step plan and recipe guide to a vibrant, healthy body. For an in-depth plan for success and more motivation than you can imagine, get our book Juice Guru: Transforming Your Life by Adding One Juice a Day (Robert Rose Publishing).  Our book has been used and loved by people all over the world to create and stick with the juice-a-day habit.

Happy juicing! And remember to Juice. Share. Love.


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